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Saturday, November 29

Astronomy for Dummies

What a great day! I missed playing so much, I haven't been able to play since tuesday. I was supposed to finish the ironing this morning [I think you all know how I feel about that]but I said the hell with it and played most the morning.YAY! Ruby does NOT like to be ignored....she never goes way out of tune, but she was so bad today I had to tune each string a little at a time, I was worried about the bridge. [I have a new bridge, but I am waiting to see what happpens with the current one. I can correct a warp, and shave it a bit where the strings bite it, but there is a suspicious line thru the middle of it,and I'm wondering what it's gonna do next] My concern is that the bridge will crack and the soundpost will fall down. I have a setter and a retriever [like I *needed* the retriever,if the thing falls over, hold the cello face down and roll it around, BTDT,but they came as a set] and I am a'skeered of having to set a soundpost.

We have started looking in earnest for a house :o) :O) :o) VERY exciting stuff. Our families are thrilled for us,we got to bend the homeowners ears for advice. Some of the homes we are looking at were on the market when we started looking months ago. I'm constantly surprized by some of the things people say in their listings. We figure, almost everything is negotiable by reasonable people. We're not looking to pay a lowball price for someones home, and we will not consider listings where the buyer has to kiss the sellers ass to see the property, kwim? Also, we are not considering foreclosures, we do not want to build our dream on someone elses' nightmare. Only bad thing is, it may not pay for me to commute to my job. I have to say,the sucker has grown on me. I work with great people and get to learn new stuff every day.

I'll bet you're thinking,"I wonder what Gail was up to at 3:05 this morning?" If you weren't, go ahead and think it now, so I can tell you. I was looking out my upstairs hallway window, at the Little Dipper. It was GORGEOUS,the sky was so clear. I don't remember last time I went out in the wee hours to look around, [I KNOW it wasn't 32 degrees out] but I bundled up and went out to look anyway. Not for too long,I don't know if the bears are in bed for the winter yet,and I didn't want to surprize one out there. I need to do that more often, I really enjoyed that. I don't think Steve enjoyed the icy feet,but hey, HE doesn't have insomnia, so THERE. I just don't think I'll do it on a work night :o) I suggest,if you have a sleepless night, you should go star gazing. I think I need to buy an "Astronomy for Dummies" book.

[pssssssssssssst,Honey,..click the title of this blog entry.Go ahead you know you want to!]

And here, another old [old] ad...I'm STILL looking for the pic I lost and am too damn stubborn to go get it out of the frame in the hallway,scan it,and re upload it,you know the SECOND I do that it will appear as if by magic @@ But I found this while looking for that, the story of my life.


29th Electronic Greetings Day
30th: Computer Security Day

[Two holidays that weren't around ten years ago]
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Friday, November 28

Bare-Naked Bird

We had a fabulous T day, from the brining of the birds [there was one pic taken, at brining time, that I didn't think I would blog.....it started out with Steves' bird being into bondage,and wound up with the neck being placed in a particular position so as to provide the bird with an amazing appendage.] It's amazing how quickly household chores go downhill when the kids become adults @@ Need I say more? I'm gonna blog it anyway, cover the kids eyes, ...this was ALL the Steves. I had Nothing to do with it at All, I am innocent:

All the kids spent Wed. night here, for our "traditional" chinese take out :o) The kids convinced Steve that it was his idea a long time ago,and it stuck. Hey, it gets me out of cooking, so I'll go along with it.

For us,Thanksgiving an Christmas are not only holidays, but family reunions, and they last all day. Our first family members arrived at 8:30am,and they have the little kids that make the holidays more special. I was Stunned to see my 12 year old niece is taller than I am :o) Lots of family, lots of good food,and lots of catching up. I didn't lose or forget anything,or set anything on fire,and even the onions made it to the table [when Boo reminded me,right AT service time,but better late than never. 3 lbs of onions,all gone.] Hell, I even found the nutcrackers and picks, you'd better buy a lottery ticket !

Here is one of the pics I promised,....the bird I sacrificed to the skin stealers, those family members who are in the kitchen right before service, ostensibly to help,..and they do...but they are REALLY there to steal the skin off of the closest bird:

And the cranberry stuff that no one eats...when I mentioned this yesterday,both T and one of my sisters swore up and down that they ate it, but I didn't see anything on the plates move after service,so I have my doubts.I just consider it table art:

And another pic. Stevie alwas has to do something inappropriate and crude with clementines. An annual thing, subject to availability ;o) Not only did he do this,but I didn't KNOW he did it until I uploaded the images from his pic to my puter,so I don't know if he let the little ones see this. If he did, he'd better start running.I am CRAZY fast for an old broad:

It was a great day, I kinda got tears in my eyes when everyone left. T [the niece who comments here from time to time] was the last to go,and at the door, told me how nice it was to meet me IRL @@ :O) :o) I hesitate to blog any more pics,because they contain family members who may not want to be blogged on, and I forgot to ask everyone here if they'd mind.I'll try not to forget at Christmas,but don't take any bets on it, I'll be busy remembering not to forget something,....Oh ! And an update. I had 3 takers for my "I'll support you" on the National Smoke Out Day. Very cool,and I was MORE than helpful, EVERYone knows chocolate will help prevent you from getting stabby. Was there anything else I was supposed to update on? This past week seems like a blur, I know I'm forgetting something. But I'm sure your familiar with the feeling :o)

November 28th
In a delicious twist of irony, today is both
Black Friday
Buy Nothing Day

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Wednesday, November 26

A-HA !

I Found the $%^^% nut bowl ! Take THAT, Martha!

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Sunday, November 23

Mothra Stewart

This clip is from a great comic, it's one of my favorite characters of all time . I'd like to share with you, it's Flip Wilson, doing his beloved "Geraldine", and his "The Debbil made me do it" is my motto. [ doesn't that sound piraty ?] Here's Flip:


I LOVE LOVE the Sunday paper. I take it,and a huge mug of coffee, straight to bed, and read everything at my leisure. I haven't felt very leisurely lately, there is a LOT of prep to do for the holidays, plus some lucky couple was preapproved for their mortgage, and they need to start packing. Oy. So I opened the paper this morning, and read an article titled "Countdown to Calm", a schedule of what you should do, in what order, to have a prepared, happy Tday. "With this timetable,you can be a happy host on Thanksgiving" O-M-G, I damn near bust a gut laughing at that. The author obviously has never been to my house. There is ALWAYS something undone, something forgotten, but that is what makes Tday, Tday. I read all about how to cook ahead, [Almost done,this is my 22nd year of hosting the festivities, I know EXACTLY what to screw up in advance by now] and the article shows a lovely table, candle-lit, place settings extraordinaire, a Martha Stewart type of shindig. Well,I am Mothra Stewart...the antithesis of the formal dinner host. And my schedule, while it does include cooking type activities, also includes things like :
-Making sure the water will be on [thanks to that landlord who decided to put off repairs, necessary for my whole street, until tomorrow, this is now an iffy proposition]
-make an emergency run to the A&P because you forgot the italian roast coffee beans to mix with the columbian [you dumbass, you JUST blogged about that, CRS rears it's ugly head]
[HAHA, just taught the spell checker "dumbass"]
[But it was a lovely morning and we had a great ride, so maybe that's a plus, I'm confused]
-WHERE THE HELL did the nutcracker set go? EVERY year I can't find the damn thing, and what's worse, is that I just remembered I forgot the nuts. Shit.
-I WILL have you know I remembered the most important things,...the Cassie fudge,and the cranberry sauce [which no one eats, but everyone will comment if I forget, a family joke]

[An aside....Dear Boo and Tina................I just made the carmelized onions. 3 lbs of extremely thinly sliced onions, cooked down the way God intended. I did this for the 2 of you. Please remember this, and that they are in the fridge,....so that they get reheated and actually served on Tday. Dad and Tony won't even come into the kitchen, it "bothers their eyes" , so I went right ahead and got myself into the merlot. Cryin' my eyes out, and it ain't purdy. Feel the guilt yet? No? Hell, I'm no good at long distance guilt, just WAIT til you get here! A few hosannas would also be in order. Now remember, HOSANNAS !!!!]

Then the article actually has an hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute list of what to do leading right up to serving the meal. At this point I'm hysterically laughing, if the author ever showed up in my kitchen on T-day, she'd get a real eyeful:
-The author doesn't mention brining the bird[s] at all. This is a favorite family activity,done Tday eve, with all of us in the kitchen L our A's off, cause Steve decided to make the bird he is cleaning dance, or sing, or tell dirty jokes. He is seriously very funny, and the kids look forward to it as much as I do.
-people trying to pick the skin off of the birds while they rest [I always cook 2 birds, but I'm crazy like a fox...not only are there more drumsticks and wings for those that gotta have 'em...you get to sleep later than if you were cooking a huge bird. 2/ 13-15 lb birds take less time than one big'un, and are fine no matter how many people we've crammed into this place]
-Me sacrificing one bird to the skin pickers, by leaving the tenting askew,and pushing the other bird as far back as it will go on the counter. Stevie does NOT help,-at this point he informs his aunts that his "Favorite Aunt" would be the one who got him the most skin off the birds. I'm sunk.
-Now,you have 2 camps of relatives on holidays......the ones in the kitchen,and the ones elsewhere. I can't say which I prefer,they both have their plusses and minuses. At least the ones in the kitchen do know their way around, they know where things are [ain't too many places to look ] but the ones in the kitchen are the main skin offenders :o) I'll put Steve in charge of getting pic of the bird I sacrificed to the skin crowd, you have gotta see that poor thing.

I noticed that the article didn't have any suggestions about plying the cook with drinks, bribes, or any of the chocolate truffles one niece always brings, oh, that's a serious, major omission. That author doesn't know much about entertaining a lot of people in a tiny house on a shoestring budget, but if I wrote a blog about it,it would read like a comedy article....wait a sec, didn't I just......

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Saturday, November 22

Internet Cookies

In my house, there's a lot of prep for the holidays. I make a chart for 2 weeks before Thanksgiving [and Christmas, I host that also] and each day gets a list of things to do "for the day",..CRS can't get a foothold if you have a LIST. [ Oh,don't ask me how I know,we'll be here all night :o)] So today is the baking,...pumpkin bread, fudge, Cassie fudge, [named after a niece who adores it, it's more like a 13x9 pan of home made Reeses peanut butter cups...as dangerous to make as it is to eat, that's my motto :o)] and apple pie. I don't know if I'll make the cornbread or buy it, time is really short. But....the baking is a little labor of love, and laughter. I swear to God, I never laugh as much when Steve and I are in the kitchen together and he has this "Chef Steve" act, my stomach hurts from laughing. I have a cd [the one I burned to play at work] with Jace Everette's "Bad Things" on it,and you know you're having fun when you break into dance with your hubby during the pumpkin bread making. Good Times :O)

Today we tried a new recipe...Internet Cookies. You read right here, of Shirla and Bren's search for the pumpkin spice kisses for me, and Bren found em and sent them ! [Oh,and Bren,the UPS man will be making a visit this week, keep an eye out for him :o)]
The recipe could not be easier...a box of spice cake mix,and a 15 oz can of pumpkin. Mix and bake.When they come out of the oven, slap a kiss on them. Sounds easy, until Shirla warned me that the kisses melt FAST, and the dough is uber sticky. So, a scoop to portion out the dough, a pam sprayed spatula to flatten those debbils, and a cookie cooling rack placed in the chest freezer, where the cookies went the second they got kissed, and we had success :o) [the finished cookies are a half batch]

I received a bloging award from my internet friend this week. Actually,I received 2. One was from my friend Shirla, and it is a "roll-over" type of award. People get it,and they decide whom to pass it on to. Shirla has passed this along to me:

and then there's my friend, the artist known as Ruta, who gifted me with this award:

Every time I see these awards, which I am giving a permanent place here, I will think of my internet friends, and thank God for the interweb.Thank you very much ladies,I appreciate it :o)

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Friday, November 21

It's new to me

Another reason I love this job, I have a 4 day weekend coming up, Thanksgiving thru Sunday.We are getting ready to celebrate...Black Friday. I told you about that, and I am serious. I look forward to that as much as Thanksgiving Day. The kids sleep over, Steve takes the day off, and we spend the day in our jammies, watching movies. I think a few weeks ago, I picked the Godfather, and some good red wine, but now I'm leaning towards the Grumpy/Grumpier old men movies, I can here the laughter right now. We are the retro-grade black Friday shoppers :o) Why not try it yourself? Say SCREW IT to the advertizers trying to make you go out in the dark and cold to buy items they only have 2 of,...... don't get dressed, lay in some good snacks and drinks, and take the day OFF ! You've EARNED it!

If you are shopping online,and organized [oh HUSH,I can try to be organized,and it sounds good on paper blog ] the shopping can be done any old time, I am a power internet shopper. I have to say, having worked retail, and having 3 kids who did, I HATE that stores are open on the holidays, and I feel really bad that families are forced apart because people are bored. I wish they'd get a different hobby, shopping as a sport hasn't done much for the economy. Some people I worked with didn't mind, the vast majority were forced to be on the job on Thanksgiving, or be fired. I knew what was coming when I was hired on that retail job, so I said I couldn't work thursdays, and that at least took care of being forced to work on Thanksgiving.... but I still had to be in that damn store at 4am on Black Friday. I think if more people knew about the effect black Friday had on the people forced to work retail, they would think twice before supporting the event with their $$.

Well,that certainly was a yaw,wasn't it? I had originally wanted to show you a new to me product line.


Salt that tastes like bacon. I can see cooking with this, but scroll down the product page a bit....that's lip gloss there. Bacon-flavored lip gloss. You have to admit,thats original. I asked Steve if he'd like me to get some [and this from the bacon king] and he gagged. Poor me, no bacon flavored lips. On a tangent,Boo had some caulking to do,and went to Lowes. She just told me she found vanilla-scented strip caulk, something else I've never heard of . Oh, and she got Christmas lights for her room, hehehe ....this is the room painted dark blue,with spray painted white fluffy clouds [and it came out pretty damn good]

And this is very interesting,and odd:


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Wednesday, November 19

You ALWAYS quit on a Monday

Tomorrow, November 20th, is the Great American Smokeout. It's the day a lot of people choose to quit smoking, or make one "Righteous Attempt" to quit. Because they know in their hearts it's the right thing to do. And they really WANT to. But then, when the first attempt fails, they figure, "I can't do this", and never try again. I am here to tell you, it's a bitch-kitty to do, and I'd rather give birth to triplets while riding a unicycle in rush hour traffic over the BQE than do it again. BUT.... you can do it if you keep trying. Like riding a bicycle,or learning a new instrument. Or starting a new career at age 47! Look on the right hand side of my blog, scroll down a wee bit,....to my "quit smoking" ticker. We were discussing quitting smoking in an e-mail loop last week, when my "money saved " ticker rolled over to 36,000 .YES....36 THOUSAND dollars saved by this former 2 pack a day smoker. I don't look at that ticker enough. Quitting smoking is on my list of the Best Things I Ever Did In My Life. [The other 4 are marrying Steve and having our kids, it's a short list]

I started smoking when I was 15, and I smoked for 20 years. I tried 10 Righteous times to quit, and every time I tried and failed, I learned something that helped me do a little better the next time. The last time I tried, July 19th, 1996, I stayed quit. I'm not exactly sure what led to it...I was in the living room with Steve on a Thursday night, and just decided it was time [I know,ALL smokers think that, repeatedly. But we really mean it while we're thinking it.] I told Steve,and he gave me that husband eye-roll type of thing, and I wanted to slap him...but I could see where he was coming from, he'd heard it all before. And then he says, "But you always quit on a Monday" Oh, NO you didn't, get your foot outta your mouth Dear :o) I could not have made the attempt, let alone finally be successful, without the support of my family and friends. No way. Even while he was thinking "Oh, here we go, on the "Quittin' Bitch Express" AGAIN, Steve held my hand and had my back. My kids cheered me on EVERY day, and my family celebrates every July 19 like it's a holiday. Sometimes, even after all these years, I miss the cigs. Not the way you do when you're quitting, but sometimes I MISS that after dinner cig, or the coffee cig [Oh, THAT was a bitch, learning how to drink coffee without a butt.] The hardest thing, was a month after I had quit. I found an unopened pack of butts, and stood there holding it for the longest time, like I had the devil in my hand. I wanted to rip open that sucker in the WORST way. But I couldn't let Steve and the kids down. From then on I knew I'd be ok.

Well, tomorrow is the day for you current smokers to get back up on the horse and make your Righteous Attempt. I am NOT going to tell you it's easy, or you can do it, blahblahblah or any of that bullshit. It's hard. Most of you who read this blog, from KF, PP, BP or IRL, know my real name, my address, my phone number,and a hell of a lot more. Over the years we have traded a lot of love, hardship, and tears. If any of you want to make your Righteous Attempt, you can count on my support, in any way I can support you. Call me, e-mail me, you go right ahead. Call the house and Ill give you my cell, I will stop in the middle of the grocery store, make people wait in the post office, or pull over to the side of the road, to support you. I will make the laundry wait to support you, and certainly I will stop vacumming to support you. You can vent at me til the cows come home,or another quitter appears on the Caller ID. I could not have quit without the support I received. If you smoke, you owe it to yourself to give it one Righteous try. No harm, no foul, right? I will not bitch you out, I've been there. Just give it a bit of a try? The Gail Hotline is now open :o)

Here are some websites to get you going,to give you ideas on how to git' er done. I don't know if you can do it, but I DO know you CAN try. One try. One day.

Don't be afraid.

*Cigarettes are the ONLY product that,when used exactly as the manufacturer recommends, can kill you.*






November 20th:
-The Great American Smokeout
-Name your PC day [I always do :o) ]

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Tuesday, November 18

Don't be an Ass, leave that to me

Well,I thought about blogging so much yesterday I never got around to it. That would be due to me being a chickenshit. Steve and I got some great news yesterday, and I was trying to decide whether to blog it or not. We met with a mortgage broker yesterday,...our aim was to find out what we still needed to do to qualify for a mortgage. We were told we are ready right now, and were preapproved for quite a bit more than we plan on spending !!! [Steve and I did our homework and are in absolute agreement as to what we want to spend and where we want to go] We need to save a bit more to be comfortable,so we plan on starting to look in January.We are over the MOON about it,the thruway has really ruined our quality of life,and our landlord is not trustworthy,...for all that we've been here over 18 years, the landlord could decide to ask us to leave with a moments notice. We want our own nest, and we are ready!! It's been so long......family members needed help,then the kids needed to go to college, then more family members needed help, the money just wasn't there. We never fell for that ARM shit,I can't believe people actually thought they could afford that stuff. It is OUR turn now :O) Hell,we are probably the oldest first timer home buyers you know! And that makes it all the sweeter. I will post pics right here when we find what we're looking for. I can't TELL you how happy we are :o) Heart racing, sweaty palms happy :O)

I've been reading about my high school class reunion,my class ['79] is getting together with the classes of 78 and 80 for one reunion,next August. [don't hurt yourself counting,it my 30th.] So Steve and I go to the same reunion. Convenient ![he's class of '78] I don't think we're going, they are holding the do at an expensive venue, that's not something I'd spend that much money on.That, and a lot of the people I would go to see are on the missing list.

I have another website for you,one you'll want to keep in your favorites. It's a web site that lists business names,numbers, and how to get though to a human, rather than use the automated system. The first time I used it I had googled it, then I needed it again,didn't save it and, CRS strikes, I had no idea what the website name was. Now, don't be an ass like me, just put this in your favorites, and try to remember that it's there. It will save you a lot grief :

Oh,yeah,one more pic. Nin,this is my couch desk :o)

November 19th: Have a Bad Day Day [ hehehe,I just liked that one ]

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Sunday, November 16

Lumps=Potatoes,everyone knows THAT.

I live in southern NY,and one neighboring county is Rockland. They have recently passed a law banning vehicles from idling for more than 3 minutes. I'm not a big tree hugger, but on the surface, that sounded like a good idea to me. Older vehicles won't warm up [i.e,produce warm heated air in the passenger compartment] in that time frame, [I drive an '00, and never have warm air before I get to work] but vehicles don't need to idle that long for the engine to be ready to propel the vehicle.Then I read, and listened. On the reading end, it seems that most idling vehicle emissions do not come from John and Jane Doe warming up in the driveway.They occur at high volume times at tollbooths,at drive-thrus [think mcdonalds and burger king, people getting coffee in the morning] and when big rigs,commuter buses and school buses idle rather than shut down. [oh,we lived on the main drag, right across the street from a moving company the first 4 years we were married. I can attest to the obnoxiousness of big rig idle fumes]
As I listen to people around me,I hear people are very upset with the new law, they want their vehicles warm when they get into them. For me, I am married to a gearhead, and idling for more than a minute is verboten. It's hard on engines, and God FORBID I was ever hard on my engine,except for beating on it for it's own good. So I never got into the habit of expecting a warm vehicle. I read one blog where the author says all drive-thrus ought to be shut down except for handicap access.[think McDonalds and Burger king,people getting their morning coffee] I overheard an elderly lady telling [her friend? whoever was with her in the store] that she didn't give a rip about any laws, *SHE* was not going anywhere in a cold car,which made me think.....who,exactly,is going to enforce this law? People with green tendencies, gearheads, and people who are watching their mpg are all not idling anyway. Who will report the idlers to the cops? Will cops drive around with a stopwatch? I hate that legislative time and money was spent enacting a law that can't be enforced. Education would have been a better choice. Here's a site where you can go to see what your state laws concerning idling are:

We have another entry from Stevie,who decided to up his game, and cook chicken pot pie from scratch, for his gf. [He did use canned crescent roll dough for the top, on my advice as well as a friends, you do not need to mess with real pie dough when you're making the "guts" from scratch for the first time]The IM's and phone calls were flying fast and furious, I was l my A off [and Stevie,you know we are laughing with you honey :O)] He told me everything went great...except he forgot to add the flour to the onions and butter [to make the roux for the sauce] so he dumped it in at the end and got lumps....but that's ok,cause the lumps would pass for potatoes !!!!! wooooooo,lmao big time over THAT piece of wisdom. :O) :) :O)

Boo doesn't read my blog,so I'll tell you, she spent the weekend with us, and went back to her apt. today. Steve and I went upstairs.......and her bed was MADE kinda!!!! And there were NO dirty dishes in her room !!!! AND she left no "I didn't want it" mail on the coffee table!!!! We had to hold on to each other so as not to fall on the floor in a faint!!! [See all those exclamation points? I only throw them when people shock me, and that doesn't happen a lot ] ^5,WTG Boo! :o)

November 17th: Homemade Bread Day

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Saturday, November 15

How to destroy your sunglasses.

It's always very nice to have the kids around,they have a unique perspective on things. Boo doesn't come home to do laundry like Stevie does, and Tony still lives at home ,so I get to see the least of her. I really look forward to her visits.She has a little Evil streak in her....just a little one....that I adore :O) You can always learn something from your kids, if you listen to them.......... Here is what I learned from Boo:

-puppy cam is a cue thing to follow:


-[Stevie has his car on sale @ eBay]How to torture your brother...Boo bid 1.25$ on Stevies car.

-If you have a Tapeworm,you will need more Vitamin B

-All you have to do to destroy your sunglasses is sit on them repeatedly.

-I HAVE HAVE HAVE to dress up for Thanksgiving,even if I *am* the cook and will get messy, that's why you go to Kohls, to make your Mom buy a new shirt for Thanksgiving

This morning,I have my discount card for Kohls, and a plan...get something to wear to Steves' company Christmas party. Boo was not up yet when I left. I'm in the store deciding between 3 shirts and someone says "Hi How ya doin?" ...Boo had come to join me :o) [took all 3 shirts, Boo told me to Hon, and I *did* get the discount,so it's OK ] She told me she heard me walking around before I left, and it sounded like I had shoes on, so I was going out. [No secret there,I'm a barefoot or slippers kinda gal] It also sounded like I was "prancing" [her word,OMG, gotta watch that prancing] so I had to be going shopping. Detective Boo! We had a good time in there too. Plus I got to blame the damage I did in there on her.We got to laughing and missed the cashier double ringing the shoes though, so I guess I need to go back. Whoopsie!

We are under Tornado watch even as I type.This usually means a power outtage of some kind,so I will say good night for now. [Sorry NY'ers,it's all my fault...I cook so rarely on Saturday nights,I must have upset the Cosmic balance somewhere] And, here's yesterdays' apple pie.Just because.

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Friday, November 14

When life hands you Apples,make Pie

Son of a bitch. Once again, one of Steves guys' "Had An Emergency"....either he couldn't sleep last night or has a headache, and he called out. Steve has to work 7-6 today to cover for the guy who didn't come in. We had a family dinner planned for 5pm tonight,-the kids who don't live here are coming home,Boo will be spending the night. I swear to God, *I* have more balls than these guys do sometimes,and probably more callouses on my hands, too. And these are nice enough guys, I look for them to sit next to at the Christmas parties, they're kind and funny,but come ON already, other people have lives too. I guess this is Gods' way of telling me to use the extra time and some extra apples to make an apple pie. [a seasonal twist on "If life hands you lemons,make lemonade]God is Good, and very thrifty :o)

Stevie is already here,and we're waiting on Steve and Boo.This morphed into a family dinner earlier in the week...Stevie went up to Boo's to play pool and told Boo I was making chicken parm. Boo called to find out why she wasn't told :o) Tony overheard me telling Steve that Boo was coming,and he got pissed cause HE wasn't told [he LIVES here,that's why,I know his ass will be at the dinner table]
Remember those helpful tips I offered you a few days ago? Well,here's another one....don't stick your fingers,still covered in teeny tiny lil cuts,into half a lemon,and use them as a strainer,for the lemon juice you need for the apple pie! That noise you just heard was me :o)

Hehehe, Steve will get a kick out of this...I told you he drives a Vic....a Crown Victoria. They are modified in the factory, and are driven as police interceptors. [you wouldn't beLIEVE the mods Steve has on his.and it's not a police car :o) I swear,I expect it to talk to me when I walk by it] I was looking up something,and stumbled on this:

hehehe !! Oh,Crap, don't click if little ones are around,there's an adult [thumbnail] pic underneath the Vic.

And this is what I was looking up in the first place, note the pirate reference? :O)

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Any%20Port%20in%20the%20Storm hehehe :o)

I KNOW there was something I meant to say today,and for the Life of me I can't remember it. I really don't like that feeling, something niggling at the back of my head.

November 14th:
National Adoption Day
Loosen up,Lighten up Day

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Thursday, November 13

Oh NO you didn't

I told you that I have an extremely short commute...but I didn't tell you, so does my UPS man :O) Today I was at work and he walked in, so I asked him, you look familiar, do you deliver to [my town]? And he said Yes, [my street name and house number]? I sad yes,...And he told me I got a package today. Turns out my house was the stop before my work :O) Everyone was lol'ing,they knew I had a short commute,but not THAT short. Thanks Bill! You can deliver to me at work any time :o)

I also told you that if I got a status report from oldest child I'd pass it on.Steve was making a stirfry for his gf last night,and called for a pep talk and to make sure he knew what he was doing [and he did] Steve did a great job. Here's the pic of the final product,...and Stevie,I KNOW you're reading this, PLEASE try to get a light near your stove so I can see the pics better. Moms' wanna KNOW ! Also,I had to go to the sprint pic website to see it last night,I didn't get your pic to my phone until after 2 this afternoon. @#$%^& Sprint!

Do you want to hear frustrating? I have a photo screen saver on my puter, it came with the puter.You also may remember me telling you months ago that there is a pic, which *I* scanned to the desktop puter, burned to a cd, and personally uploaded to this puter,...that I canNOT find on this puter. But it regularly shows up in the screen saver. The screen saver would freeze and cause me to need to reboot my puter. I know I need a driver, and figured an update would solve the issue, so I went to Toshiba.Toshiba says DENIED, it is Intels' problem, Intel says oh NO you didn't, that's Toshibas' problem.....leaving Gail in the middle with no screen saver. I worked on it a lot today,and woo-hoo, it starts......with the $%^^%^ pic I canNOT find on my puter. I never felt more like defenestrating a puter than I did today. I WILL find that pic,and show it to you,it will be all the sweeter for having to hunt it down like a stalker.

And this from Kathleen,...she e-mailed this to me today and stoped me dead in my tracks.I have it in the shopping cart already :o)


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Wednesday, November 12

Honey Crisp Apple Stickers

What a great day ! I'm learning a lot on the job,and not looking like too much of an ass while I do it. My concern, [I know it's vain but there ya go] was that I wouldn't be able to learn everything I need to know to do the job,it is very technically challenging,and each job is different. So far,so very good :o) I'm very very lucky to have been accepted with open arms by everyone, they all want me to succeed, and like me. Some of them don't like each other, but they have been there for 20+ years, they are entitled :o)

I got an e-mail from one of you yesterday, concerning my insomnia. Some people are more private with this problem than I am, but I figure if I learn anything that will help, I'll pass it along. Question one was "what I am doing to help myself sleep naturally, and not take drugs". Well! Thank you for your concern ! I think the words "Drugs" has an illicit connotation, and I prefer meds,...that indicates a Doctor had something to do with my taking the pills. If I ever get my hands on some pot, and it helps, I'll let you know, and you can call that drugs, OK? I have done everything humanly possible to help myself, I can't really even list everything I've done, surely there is a limit to the length of a blog entry. Yes,I do enjoy wine, but alcohol will not help insomnia, I've read it can make it worse....so when the insomnia got mad bad,long about june/july, I cut alcohol from my diet, I even stopped having my Friday-night-with-the-hubby drink, just in case that might have some effect. It doesn't help any that I can tell.And the one time I had booze,the night of the power went out, I didn't sleep then either, so it did not help.
Question 2,....yes,I have tried the other sleep medications. Not only do they not help,but they have opposite the intended effect on me. I am NOT telling people not to use them. I AM saying, there are some people they do not work for [namely moi] and they ARE controlled substances. I, personally, do not feel comfortable taking them on a regular basis, but it is a moot point anyway. If I ever find anything that helps, you will be the first to know ;o)

Just got off the phone with Stevie,he needed a pep talk to convince him he was ready to make a shrimp stir fry for the gf. He knows how,he just doesn't want to screw it up....if I get a pic or anything out of this I'll show you.

Another helpful tip from me to you...if you have a laptop,and that laptop has a fingerprint reader on it, Don't,...really....don't get pissed at the fingerprint reader for being in the way, and cover it with a honeycrisp apple sticker. Your puter will go batshit, and you will have to log off......and that's when a gazillion windows updates will attack, and for the next half hour your puter will talk to itself, totally ignoring you. And you were right in the middle of window shopping for something to wear to Steves company Christmas party,and lost all the pages you had minimized at the bottom of the screen. Wait a sec,I smell a conspiracy here.......

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Tuesday, November 11

Steve,don't even THINK about it!

Pretty funny....I need to get up at 5am,and didn't quite make it this morning [you'd think since I was up since 1, it would have been a no-brainer.Not so]. I post to an internet kitchen board, I've been posting with these ladies for years, and we all know each others' habits and look out for each other.I usually post there between 5 and 6 am,and didn't make it in this morning. So,todays "WFD" [Whats' For Dinner ]thread:


Tony took delivery of his new laptop today....he doesn't have a c.c yet,so he deposited the cash in my bank account,I charged it for him,and paid it off when it posted to the account.We got shipping confirm this morning,and it showed up this morning,he is over the moon happy.In the meantime, I bought his old laptop off of him,so now I am puter rich. [I'm gonna need to customize it for Steve,the desktop is giving him fits]

I wasn't even going to blog today,[you can see I'm late here too, a recurring theme for today] but that Tater did it again.I'd seen this before,but didn't give it much thought:


You can create a diamond out of a deceased loved one.I felt like,if Steve ever dared to THINK about leaving me alone,I would just kill him,but then,this would be a way to keep him close by. This is just too much technology for me to contemplate,so I give it to you to think about :o)

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Monday, November 10

It's a Curse

You know,I would never let the opportunity pass by to prevent you from making some of the mistakes I have made. I have made enough whoopsies today to warrant a blog entry, offering you the lessons I have learned from my mistakes.
-For you houseplant enthusiasts:
Please do not make the mistake of underestimating the amount of potting soil you will need to complete a transplant job. You will be forced to mix a second batch, but because you are in a hurry, you will not be paying attention to your endeavor. This will result in too much peat moss being added to your houseplant mix,which you will NOT realize until the first time you go to water those plants,which would be this afternoon.Yes, this IS a problem. Especially when you are potting on 3 plants, and only the 3rd gets the "newer", more peaty mix. Which dries out much more quickly than the other 2 plants. You also know what happens when peat moss goes dry. You pour water on it and it runs off, all over the floor, the bookcase, your pretty pink slippers,- leaving you not only the plant to still water,but a rather large mess to clean up.
-For you home cooks:
Please do not cut a lemon in half to make a marinade for cauliflower,then stick your fingers,which are covered in papercuts from work, into the lemon to get all the pulp out.Your neighbors are not interested in your howling,and it only attracts the coyotes you have recently discovered are in your area.
Please remember the above rule also pertains to sticking your fingers, covered in paper cuts, into the salt cellar.NOT a good idea.Oh,No.
Please ,PLEASE remember you are a leftie [or rightie]and do NOT,for any reason,try to fill your stove-side olive oil decanter with your wrong hand. And continue to do so even as you make a huge mess. Cut your losses and switch hands. I do not want to hear, oh, it's almost full and the faster you get done the quicker you can go practice. Ruby [or what ever you named your cello or whatever other instrument you want to go play] is not interested in an olive oil rub.

Guess what? The water cooler does NOT have automatic shut off, and if you are making a mug of tea, it would be wise to actually watch the water level in the mug instead of looking at the birdies out the window. At the very least, you will not get burned, in the same area where later on you will experiment with salt and lemon juice.
And your last kitchen tip.....when you are stabbing potatoes to prep them for baking, do NOT turn your head because Tony saw something on TV and yelled about it, or you will be admitting, later at the dinner table, that you stabbed yourself in the hand. With a fork.

I can go for the LONGEST time with no mishaps, but when they start happening [it all started with the tea this morning] they just keep recurring for the rest of the day. It's like a curse or something. I think I ought to just go to bed....I wonder if I can get someone to bring me strawberry ice cream. I can't get it myself, I might get hurt using the scoop, no............I'd fall into the chest freezer. YEAH, that's what I'll tell him!! :O) :O)

November 11th : Veterans Day

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Sunday, November 9

SHAKE your bootie

I found out that you can bring in music CD's to play at work. One guy brought in a classical cd, and another employee said he did it to annoy people. I LOVED it. I think it was a "top 100" type of compilation,at any rate, I knew all the pieces and just made a lil commentary on them,we were all LOAO. So I spent a lil time with the music library on my puter,and selected tunes to burn to a cd for work. Only problem was, [and I REALLY thought I was being selective] I wound up with a 3hr/30min cd to burn,and an 80 minute cd to burn it to. On to plan B. I had to think of a theme to help me cull the list, so I decided it would be a "Monday" theme,with all upbeat songs, cause who wants to go to work on a Monday? So I have everything from Black Eyed Peas to the William Tell Overture on there,there has GOT to be something for everyone, I'd better see some booties being shaken tomorrow!

Our friends at Dean & Deluca have been at it again! Another "helpful" holiday meal suggestion,the ultimate in comfort food...a chicken pot pie. Something I can throw together at home very easily,and fast. I usually always have leftover chicken,and how much does it cost to make some pie crust? Pennies. Here's the D&D version:


Did you SEE the price??? 24$ for 2 of them, and one that will feed four for 30$$ Hellooooooooooooo,earth to D&D !!! I just don't believe the prices are real, keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, for someone to say "April Fools" or something.

Here's another website a lot of you shouldn't be without...the Amazon Order filler. You know,if you order 25$ or more of eligible items, shipping is free......but what if your order came to 23.03, and shipping would be 8$? This site will help you find items at Amazon that are 1.97 or more,so that you can actually spend less [get free shipping] by ordering an additional item.Be sure to UNcheck the boxes of anything you are not interested in.

Personally,I gave up,and opted for Amazon Prime. When you sign up for that you can have 3 additional people use it. I have it for myself, [and if Steve needs to order I do it for him] and I allow each of the kids to use it, so we don't pay shipping.It has already paid for itself :X

And this, from my friend Kathleen. I was looking for a shipping confirm today,and found this in my filing cabinet. :o)

Pilot and Aircraft Mechanic

After every flight, UPS pilots fill out a form, called a "gripe sheet," which tells mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems, document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that ground crews lack a sense of humor. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by UPS ' pilots (markedwith a P) and the solutions recorded (marked with an S) by maintenance engineers. By the way, UPS is the only major airline that has never,ever, had an accident.

P: Left inside main tire almost needs replacement.

S: Almost replaced left inside main tire.

P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough.

S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft.

P: Something loose in cockpit.

S: Something tightened in cockpit.

P: Dead bugs on windshield.

S: Live bugs on back-order.

P: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent

S: Cannot reproduce problem on ground.

P: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear.

S: Evidence removed.

P: DME volume unbelievably loud.

S: DME volume set to more believable level.

P: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick.

S: That's what friction locks are for.

P: IFF inoperative in OFF mode.

S: IFF always inoperative in OFF mode.

P: Suspected crack in windshield.

S: Suspect you're right

P: Number 3 engine missing.

S: Engine found on right wing after brief search.

P: Aircraft handles funny.
S: Aircraft warned to: straighten up, fly right, and be serious.

P: Target radar hums.

S: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics.

P: Mouse in cockpit.

S: Cat installed.

P: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midgetpounding on something with a hammer.

S: Took hammer away from midget.

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Friday, November 7

Gail Land

WOW!! What a great day! We got the results of Steves' MRI today...no change in the tumor [size],take your meds, see you in 6 months,YAY !!! What a gorilla off of our backs !!! That is worth everything to me :O) :O) :O)

Next,..I got a raise today. I didn't ask for it,nor was I expecting it. My supervisor [I have 2,this is the guy] came to tell me before I left, that'd I'd see a lil extra something in my pay envelope,and to keep doing what I've been doing. [Yesterday,I was all right hands,and I'm a leftie. I messed up one whole run,I didn't double clip, I single clipped, so I had to go correct. It was a quick fix to make, but a newbie mistake to make, I felt pretty stupid,....and TODAY,I'm getting a raise!] I asked him What'd I do, I'll do it again! and he said Yeah,I know :o) A most excellent day, and now I have the weekend with my honey. All is good in Gail land.

I have something to show you,this from Boo last night. I have a, reputation? Gift? Of making up new words to old songs,or new songs altogether, on the fly, usually with a humorous bent. Boo saw this and thought I should see it,and she is right. This is sick good, [don't worry,G-rated,this kid is talented and funny :O)] A tribute to John Williams, Here is an info link,if you are not familiar with his work:


and the tribute to him:


And this? It made me laugh,that's why !

November 8th:

Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day

International Tongue Twister Day

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Thursday, November 6

Crazy 8 ball says Maybe

When you present a challenge to my internet friends, they really run with it! I've gotten to speak with two of them this week, both while they were shopping in Target looking for the phantom Pumpkin kisses. A few days ago it was our Shirla, calling from her Tarjay, and it was sold out. I LMAO, no one had ever called me from the candy aisle before. Today, Brenda went to Tarjay, and woo-hoo! she found em. She called me from the candy aisle too, and I even got to speak to her honey Gary :o) Who would have thought,kisses bring people together? I guess Hersheys knows a thing or two. [Tarjay will be hearing from me...MY Tarjay candy manager claims they have EVERY flavor available,including seasonal, and I must be crazy, there is no such thing as pumpkin. I can't WAIT to wave that wrapper in front of him and the store manager.]

I told you that today, Nov 6th, is National "Men Make Dinner" night, and we are celebrating it here. Since Steve worked today, and I don't want him to come home all tired and have to slave over a hot stove [can you hear the violins?] he opted to bring home chinese for the holiday.You NEED to remember this holiday,and I'm sure there are a few arcane ones I might mention that strike your fancy.That you'd never WANT to forget, but you will anyway. Unless I remind you,and the Crazy 8 ball says "probably not" to that.......... Which brings me to my next thought:

When I find something good, I share! So here is something you should not be without, and it is Free. Sign up for a free account, enter all your birthdays, anniversaries and other "oh I CAN'T/Don't WANT to forget that" dates, and the website will send you e-mail reminders of all those important dates. Birthdays, holidays, and events, they are all able to be recorded there.


This site will keep your ass out of a lil hot water :o) You can thank me later,go set up your account !

[pssssst... I just discovered that I can make the title of blog entry a clickable link, so that's what I did! This could be fun]

November 7th: National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

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Wednesday, November 5

Pabst Beer

Yesterday on my way to work, my truck started doing this funky hesitating thing. When Steve got home I told him [you MUST report new or worsening symptoms to the Dr ASAP ! :o) ] and he told me he was taking my truck to work today,... I got to drive his car. [The Holy of Holies,*I* am worthy to drive "The Vic".] Evidently I am not driving my truck enough,nor am I beating on it enough.[what he doesn't now won't hurt him] [oh,hon,you wait til you see your mpg tonight!] That is True Love, he doesn't want me to get stranded,so he'll take one for the Team. Thank You Honey,I appreciate it :o) That thing [THAT is the name *I* gave "The Vic"] is a hell of a lot more powerful than my truck,and it doesn't have all-wheel drive. I'll leave it to your imagination what I looked like pulling out of here this morning, it was pure pleasure :o) I was really happy not to get pulled over, and not for speed. In NY, the law has recently changed regarding the degree of tint you can have on auto windows. SUV's are not affected by the law, but on cars, you have to have 70% light transmission....in effect, you can't use the after-market tints. Steves windows are DARK DARK.We were already pulled over once because of it, so I had to give him the standard "This-is-what-I-will-do-if-I-am-pulled-over-because-of-your-tint" lecture.The cops have a slidie thing ...you roll your window down half way, they slide this thing down over it,and it will tell them what percent dark you are,there is no debate or wiggle room there.

And this? A random "Because I laughed" for you,this comes from my niece Jenny :

November 6th :
-National Guinness Book of World Records Day
-National Saxophone Day

~When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of Algebra. ~

Tuesday, November 4

Amazingly Enough......

Congrats to all of us, for getting thru all the politics of the past few weeks, I am SO relieved!! I decided to say this today,before we know who wins the race,because I'm not even saying who I voted for,nor do I want anyone to think that is a jab if their candidate loses......I'm just thrilled that politics will not be what I wake up to and go to sleep hearing anymore.
The job is still going well. My supervisor decided that I ought to be able to man the puter and print out the labels used on the job. We got a lot of yuks today, my first command went great,the second, I wound up not only printing my batch,but I sent a paper batch to the office too,no one knew why Gail was sending them labels, lol my dumb ass. I told them I was so thrilled with my job,I wanted everyone to know what I was working on.....and I told the supervisor she ought to thank me, now she'll have sufficient scratch paper for a looong time :o)

Steve had yesterday off [OMG,was that hard, leaving for work yesterday.That's one of the hardest parts of the new job, not having any vacation or personal built up,....so when Steve takes a day off, I still have to go in.] Our water cooler had died,so since Steve would be home, I asked him to replace it, BJ's has a few to choose from. I wasn't more specific than that. My bad. I had a white cooler with hot and cold water,and he had to talk me into the hot water option last time,- I felt it was overkill, that's what I use a tea kettle for. So what did he bring home? Stainless steel....and it has a small refrig at the bottom.Yes,another fridge,2 feet from the real one. A fridge that,when pushed,he admits he would not trust to " keep food or anything we'd actually EAT" in. A fridge I can't turn off. So now,when I leave,I unplug it, I am not paying to run a mini fridge that no one will use. I think a man thought that up ;o)

I am facinated by urban legends,both true and false.Some of them are so bad,for the life of me I don't understand how people can be so gullible,and others make you go "Hmmmmmmmmm".So,from Tony,6 urban legends that are true:

And,in case you don't already have it....

THIS is the site to go to,to verify if a legend is true or not,and you can submit a legend sent to you that you are not sure of. Also,if you scroll down,on the right hand side of this blog ,you'll see a link to it...just in case you're too lazy to put it in your faves ;o) Now, you be part of the solution,...if you get a "SEND THIS TO EVERYONE IN YOUR ADDRESS BOOK" type of e-mail,go check it out BEFORE you forward.Everyone will thank you.

Nov 6th- National "Men Make Dinner" Day

[You can be triple-dog sure that THIS is a holiday we will celebrate every year,I never knew about it! BLESS the interweb !]

Monday, November 3


Any of you watch True Blood on HBO ? I got hooked thru the nose and don't know how it happened.Sunday night is Steves' NHRA night,so he's never seen the show. I think the theme song hooked me first,I was folding laundry and heard it and needed to see it too.I'm linking you to the actual opening of the show,and I'm warning you,it's adult,don't click with little ones around.THe whole opening [if you watch the show you understand]is so damn evocative,very well done.


I got quite a few comments about yesterdays' Lysol ad,no surprize there. I would give a lot,to be able to see advertising from 75 years in the future,to see if we are as clueless now as people were during the "Lysol" age :o) One of my loopie friends [I think] sent a whole e-mail full of ads like that,I can't remember which one of I would attribute.Here's a good one:

Is there any such thing as a "Lard Information Council" now? I don't think so,the Boneless,Skinless Chicken Breast Information Council probably beat them up and stole their lunch money.

November 4th: National Chicken Lady Day

Sunday, November 2

"A Web of Indifference"

I had quite the experience this morning.Just when I thought I'd hurt myself laughing enough this weekend, along comes Steve.This morning. I tell him,come help me change the sheets. He NEVER does that, but was game. Right out of the gate, he couldn't get the fresh pillowcases on the pillows. I told him, put the pillow under your chin,with the tag end down so it's in the pillowcase. He claimed I only told him that to slow him up,so I could get my pillowcases on first,- I didn't know we were having a race. Then he wound up,LORD knows how, with an inside out pillowcase, and NHRA Steve claimed, once again,*I* did it to slow him up. So by this time, I'm lol'ing. Now,for the fitted sheet.......we can understand not being able to translate the fitted sheet, I'm sure we've all short-sheeted ourselves,but once again,*I* was the culprit,only trying to slow him down. By now I can hardly contain myself. Then we get past the flat sheet, to the chenille cover....a light cover between the flat and the quilt. Do you think he could figure that out? NO!! The LINES were NOT STRAIGHT ! So,he claims he has ALWAYS HATED IT [OMG, I dont think he ever knew it was THERE] and it makes him too hot, he doesn't want it on the bed, and tried to convince me to THROW IT OUT. So now I'm crying I'm laughing so hard,and I look up at him,...and he is all innocence, he REALLY thinks he can convince me to throw out a BLANKET because it balked him. Just blew me away,I couldn't stand it anymore,I couldn't even shoo him outta the room, I was breathless. I have to think of what else he is clueless about around here,to ask him for help with next time I need some yuks. He is too damn funny for his own good. We aren't used to not having kids at home...at least on Sundays,Tony works. I could get used to this,I need to hit the lotto :o)

Do you know who just called? Shirla! She was IN Tarjay looking for the $%% hersheys pumpkin kisses,and they are out,so she's gonna try another store.Oh, if THAT is not friendship I don't know what is, my 'southern connection......TY SO M for trying Shirla,you know I appreciate it!

I've been kinda blue these last few days,..on wed-thurs-fri last week,I had to do part of a job that required all the manual dexterity and strength I could muster in my left hand,and I haven't been able to play Ruby without pain. I'm never sure if it's ok to play thru it,or if I'm creating a bigger problem by continuing to play,so I just keep playing :/ .....fish gotta swim......

Remember the tale I told you,about having to buy 2 TV's recently? Well,when Steve buys a big ticket item,he does so much research it drives everyone around the bend,over the river,thru the woods,and up a tree, BUT.......He is right.We got the latest consumer reports,and the 2 tV's he picked out were recommended by C.R :o) Nicely done,Dear :O)

You should have SEEN what I just had for dinner,it would have been food porn.Here in NY,we don't grill a lot off-season..first,because it's usually dark at dinner time,and second,we don't want to lure wild animals to us,either by the smell of the cooking or the juices left on the grill. [a garbage can is one thing,replacing Steves grill after a bear has had it's way with it,oh MAN, between the research and the cost,I'm get stabby right quick] We had porterhouse steaks,they were like a lil bit of heaven :o) I think from now on when something turns out that right I'll post a pic of it.

And two things,before I forget..tonight is Treehouse of Horrors #19,for those of you who care [and I do !]8pm est.
What was the other? Wait,I'll think of it,hold on......Hell. Wait......Yes!!!! Remember the blog entry,"Dramatizaion" where I said that I was offended by manufacturers,who felt I was so dumb that I wouldn't understand that the "stink monsters" coming out of the garbage can and sneakers were NOT real, so they had to say,in fine print,that the monsters were a "Dramatization? Well,it seems that manufacturers' do not like women,and have not for a long time.They think we're a bunch of stinky maroons! This was an actual old ad,concerning the use of Lysol,in the old days when it came in a small glass jar.Women were supposed to use it...............as a douche............to attract men,and break thru their "Web of indifference" There are so many things I could say about this that I have brain freeze. But I think I can read mens' minds here,and if the scent of Lysol was emanating from a womans' bajingo, I don't think men would be thinking about takin' the old one eye to the optometrist,they'd be thinking "where are my car keys?" ;o)

Here's a link if you cant read the text,OMG,I think the people that wrote the ad wrote soap operas too,they were regular two-gun Sams ;o)


Nov.3rd: National Cliche Day

Saturday, November 1

Don't use Boomspeed.

Shirla,I have had NO luck with tthe darn kisses,would you send me 2 packages? I'll send the $$ to you monday,Steve has off so he can hit the post office.TYTYTY so much,I appreciate it a lot!!

What a great day! Boo lives off campus in New Paltz,and Stevie was at her campus today taking a class,so Steve ,Tony & I went up and hooked up with them for an impromptu lunch. It is one of the greatest joys of my life,seeing them with each other, and having family time with them,no matter where we are. A ton of laughs, too :o) Plus,it was a gorgeous day here, and the ride was fantastic.

I'm having a problem with my online photo host.We use Boomspeed,and we pay for a premium account,because some of us post a lot of car pics,and need a lot of storage. Boomspeed is just no good anymore,they are down every weekend,no contact or tech support available [they SAY it is,but it's thru the website,which is...down] and I'm tired of the bullcrap. I'm looking for an online photo host,that is reputable, I know I'll have to pop for a premium account based on usage, but it's gotta WORK!!!! Please LMK if you have any suggestions,I am tired of all my pics and avatars not working every weekend,I'm not paying Boomspeed any more for crappy service.

This is the weekend I make all my Thanksgiving plans.I host here,for a crowd,so I make lists of what I need,and a chart of what I need to do and when I need to do it [CRS,Can't Remember Shit,rears it's ugly head :o)] The family joke here is that I NEVER remember to put out the cranberry stuff...I either forget to buy it,or forget to plate it and put it out.EVERY year :o) So rigt now,I know Fri the 21st and Mon 24th are gonna be heavy duty baking/pre cooking days. Once I get going it's all good,it's just overwhelming to sit here looking at my chart :o) I gota go make sure there's room in the #$@## chest freezer for everything,and THAT'S the worst job of all.Oh,Steve honey,I gots a lil somthin' for you to dooooooooooo...............