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Monday, August 12

Thank You Kathie.

I don't usually start my week in tears. I borrowed this from my Aunt Kathies FB wall [well, she's actually Steves Aunt, but I can claim her  :-)] For anyone who has an Alzheimers/Dementia patient in their lives, this has great meaning. Also, it may well give directions...if you can no longer treat the patient, or care for the patient, in this manner, it's time to ask for help. For the patient, as well as yourself. There are so many agencies who can provide support, and care should that be necessary. Alzheimers is not a broken leg, you cannot fix it, and it will get worse. A caregivers highest calling is what is best for the PATIENT...not yourself, or how you feel about it, but for the PATIENT. 

Saturday, August 3

She's back

I was asked "What happened to your blog? You said you'd keep it up?" Well, Life happens :-) I see the date of my last entry was March 7th. April 7th is Steves birthday, and this year it fell on a Sunday. That happened to be the same Sunday Tone popped with a burst appendix. A week in the hospital. A week out. Then a week back in, with an abdominal abscess. I cannot adequately explain what almost losing your son twice feels like. A terrifying, nightmarish time of our lives we would like to put behind us, and so we shall. Most of you know because you are my FB friends, or share the same net space that I do. We would not have come thru the nightmare as well as we did without your support. That is the only reason I mention this now, to give you all a blanket "Thank You" once again from the bottom of my heart. Adversity truly does bring out the best and the worst in people.

 I miss you! I guess I have done a lot of soul searching in that time too. It started in the hospital, and continued on to it's conclusionthis past week. I came to the conclusion that life is too short to please those that cannot be pleased. That there is no sense trying to get someone to see your POV when all they see is themselves. That people either love you or they don't.

And you cannot change that. So stop trying, and be happy with the people who have a care for you. 

That is very empowering for me, to be able to ditch pain I have been carrying around. So I *did* spend my time away productively.

I am trying to think of an update you might not know about, but we've all been pretty well connected, so I'll leave this entry at that. People come and people go. Loved ones and friends are there forever.