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Sunday, June 12

Dear Mr Shed:
Hi! Steve and Gail here. We came to you 5 weeks ago, and plunked down some Big ass change for a shed. [read: mini-house, that thing is so damn cute!] Here is what we had built with the specs we were given, it's the white one with blue shutters:

You told us, 4 weeks until delivery. GREAT. 5 weeks later, you are arriving the next morning! You arrive, with the gravel you need for the base.....and THEN tell us, whoopsie! This area needs to be shored up a bit and leveled. YO, Mr Shed, wasn't that your job? At the very least to TELL us this? Before the day of delivery? So yall just LEFT.
We were not amused.
You would think, at ANY time, let alone in this economy, business would be PRAYing for cash customers like us, and TRYING to retain them. Oh, so sorry Mr Shed. Diane was as nice as could be, she treated us well, and we liked her. But we won't be back, nor can we recommend you to anyone else.In light of this, I must give you my

We are actively working on the "rockeries" in the back yard,

[mostly on the rock wall at the rear of our property. I have a funny story [pics too!] to tell you about THAT, but that will come later in the week.We're still dealing with a TON of Poison Ivy]

and the one right by the garage door. We busted ass for an hour out there...just by the garage door..and it appears that the roots of those "weeds" I thought were so lovely go SO deep that they are wrecking the retaining wall.

This blog isn't only about Team Gail. I feel very strongly about consumer protections and consumer rights. I'm preparing a bloggie right now about AAA and Time Warner Cable. Trust me, I'm annoyed enough to guarantee that I'll be back with the rest of the story :O)
Also...Im not going anywhere. If you are a FRIEND [sorry, I do not make this offer for strangers] who is blogging, please shoot me a link. I will be more than happy to include you on my list of places I enjoy visiting

Blogger.com claims that it has spanked spammers and scammers. Let's see if they mean what they say.

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