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Tuesday, July 6

I'll be back !

I had a hissy hit over the porno responses to my blog entries. It seems that SCADS of us have the same issue.I figured if I didn't blog for a while, I'd be forgotten. Not true, and not the experience of any other Blogger I'm talking to.
My stance on porno:
To each his own. Do not force your foshizzle on me, and I won't force mine on you. I know I have a foul mouth, and I DO reign it in here, believe it or not.My definition of porn is nudity and sex without artistic bent. Without a person trying to convey a thought or idea.
My camera died, and Steve was kind enough to order a replacement, it will be here this week. In time for our Family Reunion, we host that. So lots of pics coming up!
Among the pics will be some work we are doing to avoid naked ninja putz neighbor, and improve the value of our property. The work started today, but here in NY we hit 100°, and the humidity made it feel like 104°. The work had to stop, I can't risk peoples health cause of a putz.But it will continue this week, and I'll post pics of that too.
I have missed you more than you missed me. Im sorry that I have to approve all comments but yall know how I feel about that :/ Here's a pic I'd like to share, until I blog again. I top-dressed that gorgeous Christmas cactus I have [i.e, added 2" of soil to the pot,rather than transplant]The next time I rotated it's pot, look what I found...a wax begonia baby. I do not grow begonias, this was a traveler in the potting soil I used. I LOVED this:


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