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Thursday, February 28

The Thorn Birds

Doctor Oz says you should have a few minutes of quiet reflection each day. This should help lower your blood pressure, and I'm all for that. I chose early morning for my quiet minutes today. It is 6:15am here in the  'burgh, on the last day of February.  Steve and Tone are up and about. I will lay here in bed a few more minutes. The curtains are dancing in breeze from the ceiling fan. The window is open. It's bright out, no sunlight yet. I can see the bare trees, but they look a little different now, I think they know it's almost time to wake up. Off in the distance, I hear a birdsong. One I haven't heard for quite a while, some migrating birds must be returning. Deep breath, relaxCAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW.

Those friggin' crows. Sneering, shiny, amped up bullets. Traveling in packs, swooping in to startle and intimidate everything they encounter. Bully birds. I never cared about crows one way or the other until we moved here. The crows have staked out the woods behind the house as their territory, and they are very noisy in their claim. They performed  their infamous "Stealth Caw" on me. Flew in quick and quiet. Waited til they got right up close and personal with an open window, and let loose a string of crow call so loud I almost fell out of bed.

I am happy and hopeful, always looking forward to Spring. But even roses have thorns. Crows are the thorns of the bird world.

So much for that Zen moment.

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