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Monday, September 29

Rollin in the Deep

Before Adele made it a number one, The Queen...Aretha...hit it out of the park. Enjoy!
[p.s...my new eyeglasses are due Wednesday, no matter where you are you will hear my shout of joy when the UPS dude comes up the walk]

Aretha Franklin, Rollin' in the Deep:

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Friday, September 26

There Comes a Time

A recipe I don't want to misplace:


It seems that Facebook has taken over the blogging I did. I can connect with a lot of my friends there. I have no wish to publicize my blog, so it kinda fell by the wayside.
Since I have last blogged, I became a Grammie to a beautiful little girl, and I was concerned about posting [too much or TMI] about her as well. Then I thought screw that, lol. I will try to restrain myself.
I also started and left a job I was terribly bullied at. I have never been bullied or bullied anyone in my life, so I didn't understand what was going on. That was one of the most painful personal work experiences,..no it WAS the most painful work experience I have ever had. But that is behind me now. 
This blog is for me alone. If my family and peeps care to read and respond that is icing on the cake. I enjoy looking over past posts, so I'd better start creating posts that I can look back on.

"There comes a time in a Man's life, and I've had plenty of them"
   ~Casey Stengel