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Wednesday, October 9

Crow Shit.

Grocery shopping this morning. I behaved myself very well, no eye rolling or sighing while a gaggle of geese had a chat in the middle of the produce section [p.s...there is TOO a right way to get the seeds out of a pomegranate. Go look it up at you tube. You're welcome, I love those lil suckers too] I finally got to checkout...a long line, all the other registers were closed [no this was not walmart :X ] I finally get to loading my haul onto the conveyor belt, and the guy in front of me starts bullying the cashier. It was true, she was VERY slow, and did not appear to care either way about her job. He was really nasty, "Could you PLEASE go any slower, I want to stand here all day! ". And then he said it. "You are dumber than a monkey !"  My first thought was, "I thought monkies were smart what the hell is he talking about?" THEN I got the racial slur. I am an adult in full and will step in when I see bad shit going down. Usually just a word or two is all it takes. But I had just HAD IT, that blew me away. So at the top of my lungs, and that is considerably loud, I yelled "Would you just _SHUT_THE_FUCK_UP ?" People started running over. One guy, I think he is the manager, I recognized. The bully tried to get in my face. I don't like that. I told him, "You repeat what you just said to her" He said "I called her dumb." I said "You did NOT, REPEAT what you said to her." He would not. So I did. As soon as he was done with his purchase, the manager escorted him out of the store, and I know no more about what happened to him. I hope 47 crows full of early morning worms shit on his head. I understand emotion. I dig worry, and hurt, and anger, and depression. I do NOT GET taking them out on other people. That guy could not feel very proud for making another human cry. I am never going to roll my eyes or sigh over long lines again. If I am so inclined I will drop the corporate shills of a store that keeps me waiting a note, to voice my displeasure. I was a cashier. I was very good and very fast, and took as much shit as any other cashier does. I don't know what it is about people, they can be just as nice as pie, but get them in a line in a store and they act like they grew up under a rock with troglodytes for parents.
We're heading into Holiday Season now...in which cashiers regularly have abuse heaped on them. Please  treat them right. They're not paid enough to be anyones psychologist. And you don't have the right to abuse them for staffing and training gaffes in-store. Take it to the managers.

October: Emotional Intelligence Month
October 9: Stop Bullying day [second Wednesday]

"Never be bullied into Silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no ones definition of your life: Define Yourself."
        ~Harvey Fierstein