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Thursday, July 31

He took it :O) :o)

Stevie just called,he's taking the apartment.They're still doing work on it,it'll be ready the second week of August,which is great,cause Stevie is teaching at the local high school,and wanted wait until the break bewteen summer school and regular school to move,and the landlord was thrill that she has the extra time to get stuuf done.Laughter and tears,it is Time for him to go,but just when they get all adult and funny as hell,then they up and leave! He told me not to worry,he'll stop by after work to raid the fridge :o)This is my oldest kid,at 24. [he'll be 25 in Dec.]So,I lose him and Boo this year.Stevie at least TRIES to hide his personal stuff from me.Remember the watermelon incident?Boo just rides me a lot,she's funny as hell too,but in a "So what are ya gonna do about it" kinda way.Strong and smart.In case you don't remember [the board is gone now]Boo had come home for dinner one saturday night.When she got back to her apartment,I get a text message,asking me if I was missing anything.We looked and looked,and didn't have a clue.Until she asked,"so where's the watermelon?" Sure enough,the one I bought to serve with dinner was forgotten.She took it,and this is the pic she sent me:
and once again,the pic wanted to be on top GGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.[for those of you who,like me,didn't quite get it at first,she is spiking the melon with rum.She later told me she and her bf tried it and it sucked,but that was Waay too much rum to try and add.I did not tell her that,she'll probably figure that out all too soon :o).]So,pretty funny,but not so funny to the Ma,you dig? I love her with my whole heart,but we butt heads a lot.The boys were easier for me to keep in line,but I think they were harder for Steve.
Oh,and before I forget,I wanted to show you Cuil [pronounced Cool]created by a former google employee,it's supposed to be the next best greatest thing.I keep looking at it,but I'm not feeling it:
Have a great day :o)

Wednesday, July 30

I stand corrected!

I publicly apologize to Steve,he is right,and I am wrong,oh so wrong.I do NOT have a "newt" ,I have a "skink".Whateverthehell is it,is it not welcome in my livingroom.Let's see if I can find the pic,I took one quick with my cell,when it was OUTSIDE on the porch,and therefore still cute.Nope,I only have one of it's ass,and that's the ONLY part I want to be seeing,headed away from me.At least it doesn't have fangs and claws.We're still on bear watch around here,remember the pic on top? [I can't seem to get the pic IN the post,it wants to be on top]
You can see the mow line at the bottom of the pic,that's where Stevie was working .I never had an adrenaline rush like that in my life,Tony yelling that there's a bear in the yard,and seeing Steve right in it's trajectory,...getting him inside only to see the bear right where Stevie had been.
Speaking of Stevie,he's looking at an apartment tomorrow afternoon,and is pretty sure he'll take it[a work hook-up thru Steve]YEE-HA !!!!! I am so happy for him,and for us,it is Time for him.Boo is moving into the apartment she's sharing with 2 other girls in August too,I think our backs are gonna be singin' Ave Maria when all is done....and I'm so happy for them:o) :o)

Tuesday, July 29

Blast from the Past :o)

John,I could not have been happier to see you stumbled onto this blog :o) I left a comment for you after yours on yesterdays entry here,and I put it on your blog too,I didn't know where you'd be more likely to see it :o)
Ladies and gents,this is one of my teachers from high school.I had gone into orchestra one day as a 9th grader,and the conductor [good ol Guido,John :o)] told me, "I have something for you" He always felt bad that,as a violinist,he couldn't do advanced cello studies with me because it wasn't his area of expertise.Guido Brand was retiring,and auditioning teachers for the post.And so,in walks John. John of the huge cello talent,and the masters on the cello :o)He was a friend too,we had a great time at musical rehearsals,he did all the pit conducting for the faculty musicals,and I always played in them,....and what I said in my comment,about the gorilla mask ?Absolutely true.The private lessons were the icing on the cake,...I come from a family of 10,and there was NO WAY that I'd be able to afford lessons,so John made it so that I could afford it.I can't say enough good about him,nor can I adequately thank him for everything he gave to me.I hope you are healthy,and happy,and enjoying the hell outta life,my Friend :O) :O)

Monday, July 28

This and that

So,I posted to one of my online homes [kf...kitchen frugality,an AOL message board]about the granite,and a friend says she has granite all over her kitchen,and will look into it and let me know what the deal is.
Also,I can't post the pic of the spread on Sat.,because my mil is in the pic and I do not think she would like to be posted :o)
And onto eyeglasses.Remember on lol,we discussed eyeglasses and how expensive they are [my eyeglasses...I gave up the trifocals and went with progressive bifocals,and transitions lenses]before insurance,were 780$.NO KIDDING.WITH insurance,they were 450$.My apologies to opticians everywhere,but I am DONE with getting my eyes examined and buying my eyeglasses in the same place.When you get your eyes examined,you OWN your prescription,they MUST give you a copy.The only other thing you need to buy glasses online is you p.d....pupil distance,the measurement between the pupils of your eyes.Lenscrafters REFUSED to give me mine,but I had Steve with me,and we know all the tricks..he stood behind the guy and got it as the guy was typing it in.Also,a lot of the sites will TELL you how to measure your pd in case you couldn't get it.I will tell you,I Loved Goggles4u.com,and totally recommend that you AVOID 39dollarglasses.com.The glasses I ordered from them had a visible-to-the-naked-eye flaw,and the lens should never have been ground.That tells me that they want to put the onus of complaining and doing a return on the customer,and that sucks,so don't go there.
And another helpful hint from my home to yours.When you are hanging laundry on the line,do NOT leave the inner door open,so that the screen door is the only one closed.This is because the screen door has a gap in the bottom of it that will let the newt that lives under your porch come into your home.You will discover that,finding a newt in your livingroom is not the most pleasant experience in the world.You may find yourself standing on your couch,yelling at Steve [or your equivalent of Steve] on the phone,and you may find that yes,indeed,you are capable of murder when he can't stop laughing at you.Then you will escort the little bugger out with a dust mop and a few choice words [and you know what? they aren't that fast,like a mouse or a chipmunk,now chimpmunks are CRAZY fast]and a promise from Steve that he will bring dinner home 'cause you are too traumatized to cook,...and if he doesn't being dinner home,you will punch him in the arm as soon as he walks thru the door....the same one newt walked out of :o)
Have a great day :o)

Sunday, July 27

Bad Kitchen! Bad,BAD Kitchen!

I have been hearing about the potential for a dangerous situation in homes where granite,in the form of counter tops,floors,and fireplace surrounds is used.It seems that,some colors of granite,and some granite originating in certain countries,can emit radiation,in the form of gamma rays and radon,due to their uranium content.This is of huge interest to Steve and I,as we are about to start house hunting,AND granite is the stone du jour in homes these days.I watched my local cbs news last Friday,and one poor correspondent had a guy with a Geiger counter in her own home.It appeared that HER OWN counter top was giving off radon,at the rate of the equivalent of smoking 10 packs...that was not a misprint..10 packs of butts a day.Who in the hell could have figured that? And I am a great fan of hgtv,and even as I type they are expounding on having to have granite or no one will want to buy your home.So,if you have granite in your home,or are gonna house hunt like us,be sure to have a Geiger counter on hand :/
I am having a lovely day.Steve LOVES to just go on rides,so he took the boys to drive around ulster county today [where we want to move to]while I get the laundry done and get some practicing in.I'm so relaxed after having been so tense that I'm having trouble finding my get up and go :) Boo is back up in New Paltz,and Stevie and Tony are going to a Springsteen concert tonight,so for the SECOND night in a row,we will be home alone.YAY ! doesn't happen too often :o)
Have a great day :)

Saturday, July 26


Stevie took a pic of the food with with cell,and I will post it as soon as he gives it to me,the 3 kids are out at a concert tonight.All I can say is,the {{{{helpfully edited ;o)!}}}}}}

Thank you all so much for the support,I'm sure at some point today you all felt me leaning on you like a drunken sailor :o) :O) And now,they are gone,the kids are gone,and Steve and I have the house to ourselves for a while :o) :o) :O)

Friday, July 25

The day before...

Good Morning :o) T-1 and counting.I'm so beside myself I can see myself standing there :( {{{{{HElpfully edited :O)}}}}}

rest already]So,what I need to do today:
-bake a lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting
-hide the cake from everyone,it will not be safe in this house
-brine the bird
-move the cake I'm hiding cause someone found it
-get pissed off,go out and transplant a few plants
-do you see any cello playing on this list? I didn't either.Well,I'll put it right here,and let one of the Steves' vacuum the stairs,and if they bitch about it,I'll threaten them [I'm good at that :o)]
-Here's another secret,straight from my kitchen.I LIKE potato flakes [Only the ones in the brown can]They are REAL potatoes,dehydrated.I get no End of shit over using them,and generally bow to Steve and make real ones for get-togethers.THIS time..I'm making the "fake" and adding one or two servings of real mashed frozen potatoes left over from other meals to them,so no one will know the difference :o) :o) Just don't tell hm that,at least until after he's had some cake :o)
Wish me luck :o) I'll pop in tomorrow after everyone goes,and let you know how it went.
Have a great day :o)

Thursday, July 24

It's eerie

My regular money and freebie maker,comp repair,is drying up,so I am looking for a job.This is not an easy thing around here.I got a call back yesterday,but they aren't hiring ether,just wanted to touch base and see if I wanted them to keep my app open.Money wise we're ok,but I really want to shove $$ into savngs for our move next year,and not working isn't helping much.
And before I go,here is my favorite word for the day.I see this a LOT in speeches from social activists as well as local politicians.Have a great day :o)

MEANING:noun: The worship of words: regard for the letter while ignoring the spirit of something.

Tuesday, July 22

My first bloggie !

I had been kinda blogging on a board...people would read,but didn't want to comment,and that's cool,...except I got the word today that the traffic [i.e,"posts"]on the board are so few that *I* am a bother! So,I had a week to come up with something,and I came up with a blog.a little bit of this,a little bit of that,no need to comment if you don't wish to,but you *know* you want to,right? So,I'll blog along,and you pop in when the spirit moves you.Welcome :o)