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Thursday, March 7

Honey, I Lost the Tea

I crockpot cook dried beans. Very convenient and hands off. There has been a bag of red beans floating around the kitchen for a while now. I had done the freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw on the bag [for long term storage] but the beans never made it to storage. Good thing, and I will not be storing them in the future. Last night I set the red beans to soak. This morning, just for kicks, I decided to Google "How to cook red beans". Got quite the surprise. Seems that red beans are toxic in the raw state. When they are undercooked [in this case, meaning not brought to a full boil] the toxin level INCREASES. Since the crockpot never reaches the full boil point, this presents a potential hazard. Very happy I don't test beans for doneness by eating them, I do the pinch test on them. I learn something new every day.


I cannot imagine life without Google or Bing. To have a sea of knowledge at your fingertips. I run to the puter multiple times a day with questions I'd like answers for. I enjoy determining what sources are good and which ones are bogus as much as I enjoy the hunt for info. From the lyrics to a song, to camber, cross camber, and thrust angle [have to keep up with my gearheads] to saving my middle aged ass from poisoning.

Speaking of Gearheads. I own one. And he owns me. We recently read an article in which the benefits of drinking coffee were touted. Gearhead does not drink coffee, but he loves tea. He decides to go make a cup of hot tea. YAY ! Out to the kitchen he goes. Dead silence. Then I hear, "Hon, where do we keep the tea, just the regular Lipton tea? " This was a kodak moment if ever there was one. My Gearhead, who cannot find the tea:



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