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Monday, September 30


I recently watched a pissing match at Facebook. Over what you'd think would be a joyous thing...Marriage. A woman was celebrating her 3rd wedding anniversary, and wrote a lovely post to her wall honoring her husband. I expected people to "like" the post and wish the couple a happy day. What happened though...was a "My Marriage is better than your Marriage" pissing contest.  "Oh, I'm better because I've been married longer." " No *I'm better because I have never been divorced" . "No, *I'm* better because I was too young the first time NOW I have the Best Marriage". She responded with  "No this is number 2  but since I'm older I know what I have and appreciate it more that anyone could appreciate a first marriage."  @@ @@ @@  If she sees this she will probably unfriend me, but that stupid ass comment deserves more eyerolls than I have space for here. A Simple Happy Anniversary turned into a school yard contest.
That isn't what Marriage is about.
Marriage is about being Crazy.
Crazy enough to stand in front of God, the officiant, and a roomful of friends and relatives, and promise to stick with this one person for the rest of your life. What a crapshoot! Who can know 10, 15, 20 [or 31] years down the road what will happen? There can be no walking out or moving out or backsies on a Marriage, short of divorce, so I'm not talking about living together here, it's not the same thing.
Crazy enough to show who you really are...warts and all..to that person. No holding back, you could not if you wanted to anyway, because your spouse can read you like a book. A book that gets time worn and wrinkled, but adds volumes over the years. And makes you laugh.
If you're married, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And THAT is the bottom line. It's true that the longer the marriage, the more depth, the more levels you have to it. Time is the only way to get that type of experience, but it doesn't make a long term marriage superior to a shorter term one. Just different. I hope those people remember that, and celebrate the hell out of their day. In a world where 50% or more of marriages are ending in divorce, a great, solid, happy marriage is a joyous thing, to be celebrated and honored. Not to be taken lightly. Or used as a weapon in a pissing contest.

"It is not a lack of Love, but a lack of Friendship that makes unhappy Marriages"
~Friedrich Nietzsche

September 30: International Stupid Question Day
September 30: October 6- National Chimney Safety week