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Friday, October 12

It was Bad, but the worst is over.

I am here. Steve and I have been thru a very difficult time. I told you, I wouldn't, I couldn't blog and not say what was on my mind or heart, so I didn't.
I can now.
Steve had an endocrinologist for his brain tumor. The tumor diappeared! The endo was relocating to CA, so Steve needed to select a new one. He walked into the new endos office, and the doc focused right in on Steves neck. as they spoke, the doc came around the desk, and palped Steves nek...something the other endocrinologist had never done.
Steve has lumps all over this thyroid, and some of them were BIG. This did not look good. After an ultrasound, 2 biopsies were scheduled, a week apart. We believed we were looking at a diagnosis of cancer.
The final test results were given us by the endo this morning at 6:40 am. He called because he knew we were on this treadmill for WEEKS, waiting to find out if Steve has cancer.
In these weeks, we were able to confide in some friends and Steves family, who supported us thru the worst of it. I will blog more about it this weekend, it just occured to me at dinner tonight that I can speak freely again, I could not SAY the word cancer out loud, it was too big and frightening.
I am the luckiest woman in the world.
More, soon.