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Friday, October 3

Nasty Ass Rashes in the Retail Sector

In a small local store, second in line for service. A woman walks up behind me to get on line, talking on the phone. ON loudspeaker. Laughing about how they got dat girl away from dat 'ho, and how the momma was trying ever which way to Facetime her and she said hell no iz yo fault you lost dem kids. Woman on other end says "what are you kiddin?" I turned around and yelled "SALLY is that YOU? How you DOIN'? Did that nasty-ass rash go away or are you still on the prescription?" DEAD silence. The woman on the other end says WHO you talkin to, the woman next to me say WHO you talkin to that's not my name. I said  "oh, you sound just like my friend Sally!"  And turned back to the counter. The woman behind me [in the store ] says "This is a private call" I said  "No it isn't everybody in the store can hear you and your friend, does she know she's on speaker phone?" CLICK. Woman behind me very angrily, "Mind your own business" I said  "sure as long as I don't have to hear yours."  The cashier stuck her head under the counter and started laughing, I just stood there, smiling. Woman behind me left the store. As soon as the door hit her butt the other women were smiling, and recounting the times they heard phonecalls they would rather have not heard.
 It's one thing to be a rude ass jerk and spout your private business all over the place. You can BET when I hear people next to me on speaker phone talking trash, I WILL ask how that nasty ass rash is doing ;-)


October:~National Bully Prevention Month

~  Oct 2-4:
Great American Beer Festival

~ Oct 4th: Vodka Day

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post signatureI believe that if life gives your lemons, you should make lemonade....and try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.~Ron White
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Monday, September 29

Rollin in the Deep

Before Adele made it a number one, The Queen...Aretha...hit it out of the park. Enjoy!
[p.s...my new eyeglasses are due Wednesday, no matter where you are you will hear my shout of joy when the UPS dude comes up the walk]

Aretha Franklin, Rollin' in the Deep:

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Friday, September 26

There Comes a Time

A recipe I don't want to misplace:


It seems that Facebook has taken over the blogging I did. I can connect with a lot of my friends there. I have no wish to publicize my blog, so it kinda fell by the wayside.
Since I have last blogged, I became a Grammie to a beautiful little girl, and I was concerned about posting [too much or TMI] about her as well. Then I thought screw that, lol. I will try to restrain myself.
I also started and left a job I was terribly bullied at. I have never been bullied or bullied anyone in my life, so I didn't understand what was going on. That was one of the most painful personal work experiences,..no it WAS the most painful work experience I have ever had. But that is behind me now. 
This blog is for me alone. If my family and peeps care to read and respond that is icing on the cake. I enjoy looking over past posts, so I'd better start creating posts that I can look back on.

"There comes a time in a Man's life, and I've had plenty of them"
   ~Casey Stengel

Thursday, November 14

Gails Red Solo Cup

Half full. Half empty. At least I have a cup. The BESTEST news that I can share is that I will become a Grammie in May of 2014. Steve and Keri brought the ultrasound pics to family dinner night, a joyous pic. And the best looking baby I have ever seen! This will be my first grandchild. I am so happy my heart skips a beat when I think about it.

[note to self: do not tell cardiologist about that, you'll just get another round of testing. It's called "Grammie Heart, a known medical condition I tell you !]

The other news. I have blogged that Steve had a pituitary tumor. Yes, you read that right. "HAD". It disappeared of it's own accord. We thought oh dear GOD, light at the end of the tunnel ! ^5 Team Gail !!!!  At that time, Steves endocrinologist made a hasty retreat to California. No warning, gone within a month. Since Steves tumor left, we thought, why do we NEED an endo now? But we are both the "compliant patient". We want to take our Dr's advice. Steve found another endo and made an appt.  Should anything else occur, he would have a home base set up. When he walked in, the new Dr asked, do you mind if I feel your neck? And quickly diagnosed Steve with nodules on his thyroid. They were visible to THIS endo with his naked eye, and the other endo NEVER SAW THEM, nor did he palp Steves thyroid. So losing that joker endo was a stroke of luck for us. Steve had to have the nodules biopsied, and we played a waiting game...hopefully the nodules were benign, and would never become large enough to need surgical removal. No such luck. The endo send him for another round of ultrasounds, and decided that the thyroid had to be totally removed.

Here we go, back to the original E/N/T surgeon we saw a year earlier. Steve made the appointment and TOLD THE EMPLOYEE that he needed a complete Thyroidectomy, this was why he was coming to see Dr Doofus, to schedule this.

Dr Doofus comes in and Steve and I immediately had a vote of "no confidence" The guy was scatterbrained, ill kempt, and generated an air of disassociation with his surroundings. He palped Steve, looked in his throat, read the report, then said yes, you need the thyroid removed......"BUT I NO LONGER PERFORM THIS SURGERY". WHAT ?? Yup, he knew in advance that we were there to schedule surgery, and did not cancel nor explain why he met with us. Steve flat out asked him, why do you no longer perform this surgery? Dr Doofus would not answer him. That asshat got our 50$ specialist co-pay [I am still out of work, that was a lot of money to us] plus he billed the insurance company for almost 500$ worth of testing. That's when it became apparent why he kept the appointment knowing full well he was of no use to us. Because WE were of use to HIM...and his bottom line. A word to the wise, always ask if the doc still performs the service you need before making an appointment.

[Local peeps, if you want the name of Dr Doofus, hit my e-mail or ask here and I'll hit yours.]

Now we come up to Steves surgical date next week. I have said before that there is a lot I can take, I am a strong woman. But medical stuff rocks my boat in a very nasty way. All we can do is hold hands and take the ride. I would appreciate the prayers or good thoughts. I'll report back when we get to the other side of this.


  ~National Book Awareness Week: 18-23

  ~November 14th: National Pickle Day

Family is not an important thing. It is the Only Thing.

        Michael J. Fox

Wednesday, October 9

Crow Shit.

Grocery shopping this morning. I behaved myself very well, no eye rolling or sighing while a gaggle of geese had a chat in the middle of the produce section [p.s...there is TOO a right way to get the seeds out of a pomegranate. Go look it up at you tube. You're welcome, I love those lil suckers too] I finally got to checkout...a long line, all the other registers were closed [no this was not walmart :X ] I finally get to loading my haul onto the conveyor belt, and the guy in front of me starts bullying the cashier. It was true, she was VERY slow, and did not appear to care either way about her job. He was really nasty, "Could you PLEASE go any slower, I want to stand here all day! ". And then he said it. "You are dumber than a monkey !"  My first thought was, "I thought monkies were smart what the hell is he talking about?" THEN I got the racial slur. I am an adult in full and will step in when I see bad shit going down. Usually just a word or two is all it takes. But I had just HAD IT, that blew me away. So at the top of my lungs, and that is considerably loud, I yelled "Would you just _SHUT_THE_FUCK_UP ?" People started running over. One guy, I think he is the manager, I recognized. The bully tried to get in my face. I don't like that. I told him, "You repeat what you just said to her" He said "I called her dumb." I said "You did NOT, REPEAT what you said to her." He would not. So I did. As soon as he was done with his purchase, the manager escorted him out of the store, and I know no more about what happened to him. I hope 47 crows full of early morning worms shit on his head. I understand emotion. I dig worry, and hurt, and anger, and depression. I do NOT GET taking them out on other people. That guy could not feel very proud for making another human cry. I am never going to roll my eyes or sigh over long lines again. If I am so inclined I will drop the corporate shills of a store that keeps me waiting a note, to voice my displeasure. I was a cashier. I was very good and very fast, and took as much shit as any other cashier does. I don't know what it is about people, they can be just as nice as pie, but get them in a line in a store and they act like they grew up under a rock with troglodytes for parents.
We're heading into Holiday Season now...in which cashiers regularly have abuse heaped on them. Please  treat them right. They're not paid enough to be anyones psychologist. And you don't have the right to abuse them for staffing and training gaffes in-store. Take it to the managers.

October: Emotional Intelligence Month
October 9: Stop Bullying day [second Wednesday]

"Never be bullied into Silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no ones definition of your life: Define Yourself."
        ~Harvey Fierstein

Monday, September 30


I recently watched a pissing match at Facebook. Over what you'd think would be a joyous thing...Marriage. A woman was celebrating her 3rd wedding anniversary, and wrote a lovely post to her wall honoring her husband. I expected people to "like" the post and wish the couple a happy day. What happened though...was a "My Marriage is better than your Marriage" pissing contest.  "Oh, I'm better because I've been married longer." " No *I'm better because I have never been divorced" . "No, *I'm* better because I was too young the first time NOW I have the Best Marriage". She responded with  "No this is number 2  but since I'm older I know what I have and appreciate it more that anyone could appreciate a first marriage."  @@ @@ @@  If she sees this she will probably unfriend me, but that stupid ass comment deserves more eyerolls than I have space for here. A Simple Happy Anniversary turned into a school yard contest.
That isn't what Marriage is about.
Marriage is about being Crazy.
Crazy enough to stand in front of God, the officiant, and a roomful of friends and relatives, and promise to stick with this one person for the rest of your life. What a crapshoot! Who can know 10, 15, 20 [or 31] years down the road what will happen? There can be no walking out or moving out or backsies on a Marriage, short of divorce, so I'm not talking about living together here, it's not the same thing.
Crazy enough to show who you really are...warts and all..to that person. No holding back, you could not if you wanted to anyway, because your spouse can read you like a book. A book that gets time worn and wrinkled, but adds volumes over the years. And makes you laugh.
If you're married, you know exactly what I'm talking about. And THAT is the bottom line. It's true that the longer the marriage, the more depth, the more levels you have to it. Time is the only way to get that type of experience, but it doesn't make a long term marriage superior to a shorter term one. Just different. I hope those people remember that, and celebrate the hell out of their day. In a world where 50% or more of marriages are ending in divorce, a great, solid, happy marriage is a joyous thing, to be celebrated and honored. Not to be taken lightly. Or used as a weapon in a pissing contest.

"It is not a lack of Love, but a lack of Friendship that makes unhappy Marriages"
~Friedrich Nietzsche

September 30: International Stupid Question Day
September 30: October 6- National Chimney Safety week


Monday, August 12

Thank You Kathie.

I don't usually start my week in tears. I borrowed this from my Aunt Kathies FB wall [well, she's actually Steves Aunt, but I can claim her  :-)] For anyone who has an Alzheimers/Dementia patient in their lives, this has great meaning. Also, it may well give directions...if you can no longer treat the patient, or care for the patient, in this manner, it's time to ask for help. For the patient, as well as yourself. There are so many agencies who can provide support, and care should that be necessary. Alzheimers is not a broken leg, you cannot fix it, and it will get worse. A caregivers highest calling is what is best for the PATIENT...not yourself, or how you feel about it, but for the PATIENT.