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Friday, October 3

Nasty Ass Rashes in the Retail Sector

In a small local store, second in line for service. A woman walks up behind me to get on line, talking on the phone. ON loudspeaker. Laughing about how they got dat girl away from dat 'ho, and how the momma was trying ever which way to Facetime her and she said hell no iz yo fault you lost dem kids. Woman on other end says "what are you kiddin?" I turned around and yelled "SALLY is that YOU? How you DOIN'? Did that nasty-ass rash go away or are you still on the prescription?" DEAD silence. The woman on the other end says WHO you talkin to, the woman next to me say WHO you talkin to that's not my name. I said  "oh, you sound just like my friend Sally!"  And turned back to the counter. The woman behind me [in the store ] says "This is a private call" I said  "No it isn't everybody in the store can hear you and your friend, does she know she's on speaker phone?" CLICK. Woman behind me very angrily, "Mind your own business" I said  "sure as long as I don't have to hear yours."  The cashier stuck her head under the counter and started laughing, I just stood there, smiling. Woman behind me left the store. As soon as the door hit her butt the other women were smiling, and recounting the times they heard phonecalls they would rather have not heard.
 It's one thing to be a rude ass jerk and spout your private business all over the place. You can BET when I hear people next to me on speaker phone talking trash, I WILL ask how that nasty ass rash is doing ;-)


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