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Friday, June 26


Well,that was a week for the books. We're finally out of the old place, and are going for the final walk thru with the landlord tomorrow. The problem is, storage at the Shack. I told you, the kitchen will take some getting used to. Well, I'm not really using the storage in there yet. It seems like I will have to, um, "flow" to the sideboard in the diningroom. I showed you,..I had 2 cabinets.We painted them the same color and bought a countertop for them,and they were the sideboard in the old place.Here's what they looked like:

Well,I don't know if I will paint the cabinets a different color...probably I will, a warmer brown with more red in it to go with the dining room table.......but we HAVE to get a new counter top for it, dark blue just doesn't tone with the green walls here. And change out the doors on the left hand one. When we get THAT done, then I can organize. YAY [ I think]

Just a bit overwhelmed......But in The Shack, that's cool, it will come right in a few weeks. I LOVED LOVED LOVED last night....sitting on the couch at dusk, talking to my friends, and Steve was outside mowing. OUR lawn. And the sweet smell of cut grass came in, and I don't think that snapshot will ever leave my head, from what I was wearing to the smell of the grass and the lowly-lit room. YAY!

I also did a bad thing. I broke down and ordered sandals online today. I have looked in EVERY store [and if you have a clue where I am and where I came from, you know that to be a considerable amount of stores] around, and couldn't find them. A basic toe-loop sandal, with a strap over the foot, and NO backstrap or ankle strap.......just a slip on [sometimes a broads' gotta move FAST, hehehe, and I don't like to fuss with a strap] There were NO leopard print to be found, NONE. I was going to blog and show you what I got,but I think discretion is the better part of valor. I need to show Steve first, and let him have his palpitations. THEN I'll show you what I found. And I'll make damn sure there's no teriyaki anywhere NEAR these puppies, they ought to come in a gold box :X

So much celebrity death this week. Poor Ed and Farrah, we knew they were suffering and their time was limited. Michael? I guess, by looking at him, what happened to him was a boatload of drug[s]. LOOK at the incredible gifts God gave Michael. A talented musician, but his dancing. O-M-G, I remember exactly where I was, and who I was with the first time I saw Thriller, when it premiered on MTV. WOW. And he took these incredible gifts.....and threw them away. Threw them AWAY.
Stunning and depressing.

26th-National Chocolate Pudding Day
28th:-Paul Bunyan Day

~Pray to God but row for the shore. -Russian proverb~

-Ed McMahon
-Farrah Faucett
-Michael Jackson

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Sunday, June 21

Polaroid Pictures

A friend sent me this video [g-rated] that I adored [Thanks Brenda :o)]


Witty and well done. If you listen closely, toward the end, you'll hear a clip of "Hey Ya" by OutKast, where you're supposed to
Shake it,
come on, sugar,
Shake it like a Polaroid Picture

And if you watch this couple dance.....they did their homework. Look at them, they are too young to really know WHAT "Shakin' it like a Polaroid" was! .....but those of you in my age bracket have very fond memories of Polaroid "instamatic" or land cameras. When I heard those few words, it made me remember a very specific time in our lives.

The "Instamatic". You aimed, clicked, ....and an undeveloped picture slid right out of the camera. The "shake" part. Well. SOME people believed that either the pictures developed faster, or better, if you shook them. The "shake" itself was very basic....pinch the side of the picture between your thumb and pointer, and wave it around in the air. ALL similarities end there though, there were as any different "shakes" as there are fishies in the ocean.

You had your "Miami Shake". Grandmas used that one. Kinda slow, while holding the pic up by the side of your face, so you could peek at it in between turns at canasta or flipping mah jong tiles. The "Kiddie Shake",- the pic held in one or both hands while the kid hops around like they need the bathroom. The "Sophisticate Shake".....the photo held a little higher than your Miami shake, but the Sophisticate wouldn't be caught DEAD letting anyone know they couldn't wait for the film to develop.They peeked though, Everyone did. The "Espresso Shake" self-explanatory,and those people thought that the more air the snap got,the faster it would develop. The "Group Shake",- when one friend got a camera,they could take the snaps, but the developing pic had to be passed back and forth between everyone in that group of friends. If multiple snaps were taken, sometimes you never got to see the first pictures taken fully developed, cause they were put aside while waiting for the later ones to develop.

When Steve was a senior in high school, his parents gave him a Polaroid camera. He held onto that, and the pics of the first years of our married life, are all instamatics. From our second reception [long story,but be assured you'll read it sooner or later, pretty funny too] to our first apartment, and the arrival of Stevie and Boo, hell, I have some of Tony, but by then [the late 80's early 90's] I think we moved beyond that camera. Or it broke so we bought a cheap replacement. Not only could you take pics, but you could see them right away,............no waiting a week or more for the developed pics to come back, and you could take additional pics on the spot when presented with a cute kid moment and you wanted to share it with far-flung family and friends.

Seeing that couple, that adorable young couple who didn't have a clue how to "Shake it like a polaroid" but did their homework, made me think of our Polaroids. And Steve. And Fathers Day.

Dear, Dear, Steve,

Happy Fathers Day! You have been the best Dad our kids could have hoped for, and even though they're all adults now, they know they can turn to you for advice when the going gets tough. And they DO, and THAT is the true litmus test of your parenting. Their Love and Respect for you aside, Your adult kids LIKE you and look to you for guidence. From me to You, here are a few blasts from the past, from that Polaroid camera. I Love You. Happy Fathers Day!

Over the years, I scanned a lot of them into the puter, and "fixed" them, much to my chagrin. Looking at the real untouched originals now, I LOVE the margins on them,and the much softer focus of the finished pic.But all these came from that time frame, and that camera

Friday, June 19

Culinary Enemy #2!

We are almost done, except for the cleaning up for the new tenant!!! I want to thank those of you who dropped me a line with your own moving experiences, I really don't feel so bad now, looks like we're normal, hehehe. The hardest part is the organization....I had an open shelf concept in the old place, and find myself restrained by the cabinets I wanted all these years! Live and learn. My biggest pot, my metal bowl set, my big platters....the workhorses in my kitchen,.......fit NO where, I don't know where the hell to put them.

I have to admit, I *did* make another culinary enemy today.Teriyaki is number one, but second place has to go to Red Pepper sauce. I like a lil shot on scrambled eggs, OK? We transferred the contents of the fridge of old place to the fridge of Love Shack today. Somehow a bottle of red pepper sauce jumped out of the new fridge and onto my foot. Not only broken glass and red pepper sauce all over my shoes, but I stepped on glass with my bare feet not ten minutes later, so the damn thing drew first blood too.

I DID bring some important stuff. Remember I blogged about buying a new bow, a GLORIOUS bow for my cello? Well, I have 4 ...and it turns out they don't all fit into the container I have for them, gee, I guess one or more is always out, ready to go :X So, Steve brought 3 of them up here...he left the "plain one" at the old place for me to get today. That "plain" one was the expensive one, hehehe. He said it didn't look as used as the others, and I guess he's right there, too. My bow, the bridge I never got the balls to put on the cello yet cause I have to shave the hell out of it, and one of my plants all ready to go:

The scariest part was the coming up here today. I have 2 magnetic racks of knives in the old place. There was no time to transfer the racks today, so I grabbed most of my knives and my biggest cleaver, put them in a reusable shopping bag, and into the truck. By my right arm. On the trip up, a cop got behind me and rode my ass for a while. I just KNEW he was gonna pull me over, you KNOW when you are in the sights of a cop. I had the truck full of plants,...he'll pull me over thinking I had contraband and discover a bag full of stabby thingies right next to me. Then his LIGHTS came on! And he drove around me and off down the road. YAY Team Gail, for the "not getting of any tickets in the transferring of the house"!

Also, I discovered I am "strappy sandal" challenged. I don't have any of the rest of my shoes here yet, and I needed to finish unloading the truck. Since my sneakers got pepper sauced, Boo loaned me a pair of her sandals.They go over the top of your foot, around your ankle, and a strap goes here, then there, hell I couldn't figure the damn things out, so I slipped 'em on like slippers. Boo didn't miss that, she got a few chuckles out of Ma being a nerd :o)

It's 5:15 on Friday afternoon. Tony is at orientation for his new job,..... MINUTES from the Shack. Steve and Boo are at the old place getting stuff. Stevie [I think] will be here soon, and we will have our first family dinner at The Shack [at least one that I got to cook, as opposed to buy]. The whole house smells of roast chicken, and stuffing,.......and I am sitting down,with my feet up on the coffee table where they ain't supposed to be. Life is good ....... And it's Christmas at the Shack :o)

Oh,wait! Mz A...reads but prefers to be quiet......this one is for you. My KF angel ,on my kitchen windowsill:

19th: Juneteenth
20th: Vinegar Day, World Juggling Day
21st: Fathers Day

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Wednesday, June 17


It's 9:50 Wed. morning. The moving truck just left with our big things in it, and Steve and Tony behind it in my truck. I am supposed to be vacuuming [yeah, yeah, we all know how that's gonna end] but I am looking around the place. I wasn't expecting the little vignettes in my head, of things that have happened here over the years. Steve started it.....we bought new living room furniture and it was delivered to The Shack. We had the movers put the old l-shaped sleeper sofa out to the curb here. Steve says, "do you KNOW how many asses we have had sit on that couch?" I can't even wrap my head around that.That couch was 15+ years old.It's seen a lot of good, some bad, and everything in between.

I come downstairs this morning hearing "Hon, the movers are here" I come around the bottom of the stairs, and there are these 2 scrawny little kids, I swear I couldn't figure out how they were gonna move jack Shit. And then they got going, and I am an ass for judging by appearance. And they were so careful with the piano, I really appreciated that, the guys that brought it in acted like they were roping steer, and not moving an instrument. I am waiting very impatiently to hear if these movers can get my piano up to the "music room" [the 3rd bedroom, all my little toys will be in there,anybody sleeping over,you are warned! NO jammin after midnight!] Steve was pretty emphatic with a "no" . I said Oh NO you didn't, that's why you PAY movers. Which brings me to my funny-man, and what he did this morning. The movers are getting ready to git out of here, to go to the Shack. Payment time. And Steve says very casually to ME, "We're paying the movers out of YOUR checkbook, right?"

[we each have our own checking accts', but we can both sign on both accounts, make sense? He can write off of mine, and I can write off of his, but the registers.....now, THEY need to be separate. Separate and definitely NOT equal. Some of us may have had balancing issues, in which a number wasn't carried, or it was carried twice, or left the neighborhood all together, as the case may be, and others of us ,well gosh, we do not LIKE that. And I'm sure you know who is who.]

I damn near died! This is one of the things that we forgot to discuss...we agreed that the price was right, but I guess we each thought the other one was doin' the paying! I laughed my ass off, and told him, I thought the MAN was supposed to pay! I did pony up with my checkbook though, ahem, *I* knew RIGHT where my checkbook was. Good thing, -He doesn't have a CLUE where his is right now, it's in packing hell somewhere between my favorite sneakers and the deed to the house] I've been saving for these moving days for a loooong time now........Trust me, though, Steve will be thanking me for weeks to come ;o)
My key to the Shack. Thank you honey I love it:

Tony and one of the movin' guys:

And the next time I blog, over by where my name is at the top right? I can change that location to "The Love Shack" :O) [assuming the cable company up there shows up.]


-yes indeed,the movers got the piano up to the music room.YAY !!!

-I went to my local post office at this house,not the Shack, and there was STILL mail coming in for us.I explained that I filled out the online form,and forwarding should have started on monday.Our post mistress ripped a piece of corrugated cardboard up to fit the back of our mailbox,stuffed it in,and said there you go, NOW your mail will be forwarded.Small towns, you GOTTA love them :o)

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Sunday, June 14

----->Chilis' Southwestern Eggroll [Couldn't think of a title,and that's what I had for lunch, so there ya go]<-----

Hi! Another quickie [I think, I tend to have a lot to say when I least expect it]
I am looking for a job closer to the Shack. I honestly felt, moving my whole house and getting a new job at the same time would be asking too much of myself, so I was gonna commute down for my current job. [50 minutes on an excellent travel day, one way.Part time, but different hours on different days.] It's really a beautiful ride, and at least for a while I didn't think I'd mind it. Until last thursday. And last Friday.

I have mentioned that I feel lucky, I truly like the people that I work with. All but one. We'll call her "Miss Mental". I believe she has an undiagnosed mental illness. She is the one who will, when she sits next to ANYONE except management, will curse, constantly and disgustingly. A stream of profanity, with no rhyme or reason behind it. Not like "Oh shit I stubbed my toe" nothing like that. I mean, for no apparent reason, a string of the most foul curses you have ever heard, shocking in their width, breadth, and inappropriateness. I also think I may have told you that I swear a lot, I have the joy of the swear in me.....but I am pretty much a bourgeoisie broad. I don't swear AT people, [um,t oo much] [Steve, dont start, I have the joy of the credit card in me today too :) ] and CERTAINLY not with language like that. I guess I'm feeling my age, I dunno, but I can't HANDLE that shit. Last Thursday, I was subjected to it. I heard the words "Fucking cunt" [remember I had to teach my spellcheck that word and it gagged? It is telling me right now I misspelled the word, I guess it rejected it]. She was sitting behind me with her back to me. When I heard THOSE words, I swiveled around so fast I hurt my neck. But I quickly regained myself and went right back to work, ignoring her. Her payoff is the attention she gets for swearing, and *I* am not participating. Well, a supervisor saw the whole thing. DID nothing about it, but took me from my work, talked to me for a while about a tv show on the biography channel we both watch, then he sent me back to hell.
Friday. That supervisor is not in. And here comes miss mental. So, Stupid Gail goes to the owner to request that he either tell her to stop, or move me or her. My stomach hurt and my hands were shaking the day before, I do NOT want to deal with this again. Are you ready? I said Hi, Karl, I have a problem I hope you can help me with. [That was ALL I said. No shit.] The owner says "What do you want me to do about it? [the supervisor] never said a WORD to me about it, is HE lying or are YOU lying? "[so, he just admitted he knew something happened, he knew the score AND he accused me of lying. THAT was it for me. End game.] Then he says "I can't do anything unless I *hear* it". HOW would he know it was something to HEAR, and not SEE, if he hadn't been told? *I* raised three kids, and I can smell bullshit before it is spoken, let alone spoken to my face. So, I threw up my hands, said "OK", and went back to the air table.

[That is exactly the way it went down. Couldn't get a word in edgewise, not that it woulda helped.]

Made a nice big wall of extra bins so I couldn't see her, and finished my day. Left that damn place trying not to cry, and I am NOT going to leave a place upset over shit like this on a regular basis. And that about finishes my wanting to work there. There's supposedly a whole big back story to why the woman is still there, a promise made to her mom, a former employee, yadayadayada. Fine. Leave me the hell out of it.

Steve feels very bad about my current work environment, so he figured I'd like a day off from the packing and driving and unpacking and general commotion we are going thru now. He went, and took the kids with him, To Englishtown NJ today, for NHRA racing. Since Toyota is a sponsor, Steve got "Tower tickets"......he and the kids have total access, [think back stage pass] - to the pits, the executive area [ inside,air conditioned, great views] and I am so thrilled for him, this is a dream of his. So in between bouts of practicing and packing, I finally popped and ordered a beautiful music stand for my Ruby. I've always used the el-cheapo it-came-with-the-instrument stands, but Ruby and The Love Shack deserve better. Don't tell Steve, he might have a palpitation, but there ya go :X I wanted a simple solid backed one,but if you saw how much THEY were going for, you'd understand why all of a sudden this one was perfect for me:


This week is it, people! Steve has the whole week off, and so does Tony. I have w-r-f off. We plan on being in The Shack by Thursday night [cable is due to install thurs, maybe THAT has something to do with it] The appliances are already up there, so no laundry or cooking in this house again [HAHAHA, you KNEW I'd find an upside to this moving hassle!!] The furniture arrived saturday, and I was stunned how well we did,

[The poor moving guys OMG! You need to go up three stairs, and then make a tight turn and go up 7 more to get to the living/kitchen/dining area. One mover came in with the padded blankets, when delivering the furniture, took a look at the stairs and his shoulders slumped. I pointed out the scuff marks already on the wall, from the fridge and dishwasher arriving and told him, hey, we didn't paint here yet cause we knew it'd get messed up. Don't worry about scuff marks" and you'd a thunk the sun came out! He grabbed his padded thingies so quick, "Oh thanks, that's TERRIFIC, good thinking" hehehe]

I will get pics and blog 'em. Really very nice.The kitchen and diningroom will take a Looooong time, but hey, Time I have :o)

[Oh, and you know who you are, O ye of the no-name :O) Yes, I looked, and I noticed that the counter on my profile here hasn't worked in a long time. So I read up on it, and Blogger doesn't have a clue and they don't care, so I don't either :O) But thank you for noticing. I think it stopped counting in February, I can't be sure.] [Am I supposed to care, am I missing something?]

14th: Pop Goes The Weasel Day
15th: Smile Power Day

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Thursday, June 11

Almost There

I don't know how other familys' handle this but...in this crew, when you got your Social Security card, you were usually too young to have a filing cabinet, or ANY filing system at all. Mom got your card and held onto it until you moved our or requested it. If you wanted to hold onto the card and you lost it [as kids are wont to do] then tough crap. I figured, one go-round with a governmental institution trying to get a replacement card would cure them of carelessness for Life. I didn't raise any dummies, I had all the S.S cards until the kids in question established their own digs.

Except for Tony. At 19, an adult, but not sure of his path yet, so we get to hold on to him for a while longer.

Tony had a job opportunity today...all he had to do was pass a drug test and prove he was able to work in the U.S. Which means he had to pee in a cup and present his drivers license,......and the dreaded S.S card. When Tony got his license HE decided he was old enough to take care of the S.S card. Until today. When he was ready to leave to pee in that cup, and came to ME and asked me for his S.S card. Which HE had. And so, we ripped apart the things that are left here,........ no S.S card. DAMMIT!! I tell him, go take the pee test, and I'll go to the Shack and see if it's in your stuff there. He SWORE it couldn't be. Yeah, ok. The second he left, I went thru his papers Here. And found both his S.S card AND his birth certificate. I was REALLY steamed, but I called him and told him to stall them, I was on my way. 45 minutes one way. With the damn card he said he did not have. Got thru security at the place, tracked Tony down, and then.....the look Tony gave me.....like God opened the heavens up or the Cavalry really DID arrive...........HOW could I be steamed at that? Gratitude trumps Anger EVERY time. And it made my heart happy. The upshot? He GOT the job, and I am hoarse from singing along with the stereo for an hour and a half, hehehe, I LOVE being alone in a vehicle and blasting stuff, good times. And this job is MINUTES from the Shack, so no long commute for him, either. PLUS......when I got home it was too late to start the roast I planned, so I am getting chinese for dinner.Things have a way of working out ;o)

Today is thursday, and the moving to The Shack is in full swing, we plan to be all in by this time next week. Don't get me wrong....I am grateful and happy to be moving. But JESUS, I am SO SICK of bubble wrap and packing tape. And, there is a LOT LOT more to moving than just packing your crap up and moving it to another place. We have been married for 27 years, and have spent 19 of them here. I am finding bits of my heart all though this house. I keep finding mementos of the kids childhood....handprints in paint, love notes to me from them, Mom day cards, drawings, letters from Steve to me when we were both in college, hell,.......I thought the crying was done at closing. I'm a regular water fountain lately. Who'd a thought I'd find Stevies first letter to his Gramma [my Mom] in a box of old pics? Baby books and memories. All the kids are adults now! I don't *feel* that old, except on cold mornings. And when I see a mountain of boxes to move, with my Ruby behind them. Just out of reach.But not for long, now.We're almost there :o)

11: National Hug Holiday and King Kamehameha Day
12: Machine Day

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Sunday, June 7


Still packing. Still moving. So,WHY would a close trusted FRIEND [I think that should read "fiend"] send me this?


I am a word game addict. One of my very favorite things is the sunday NYT crossword puzzle, my fat pink pen, and a big cup of coffee.THAT is heaven. But I digress. WHY would a friend send me thing site right now? Thank you SO much Marie! I asked her that, why NOW!!! I should be poppping bubble wrap and cursing like a pirate, NOT practicing and NOT NOT finishing puzzles! "Stress relief". Oh. OK. I'll be sure to tell the whole family that, and blame it on you :O)


I'll bet THAT bloggie title got your attention! [note the tildes I placed around it,for added cache, this is a high-class blog!]

Woo-Hoo, I wonder if any old friends will find me by googling THAT title!

I have appliance porn! We got the new fridge, dishwasher, and upright freezer on Saturday, and I don't know what to do with myself. I was showing pics of the new appliances to some dear friends, and one suggested that since we all love food porn, why wouldn't we love appliance porn too? I'll show you one pic, of my favorite appliance porn:

This is my new baby. It's a Samsung French door,with the freezer drawer on the bottom. It is HUGE. Steve measured it about 15 ways from sunday, and said he might have to butter it up, but he would MAKE it fit for me. Damned if he didn't! The delivery guys had to take all the doors off to get it TO the kitchen,and then there was always the chance that it wouldn't go where it needed to. Even the delivery guy was impressed, I don't think you can fit a sheet of paper between the fridge and it's nook. Now, *I* chose this badboy, because it gives me lots of different ways to store food, especially for the big family get togethers,- a side by side just was not cutting it. I thought I'd have to really, um, sell Steve on this fridge, it's the biggest one they have. He looks at it for a few minutes, and says "OK". So now I'm thinking, OK,......what did he DO, WHY would he capitulate that quickly, with NO mention of the cost? Well,...let me TELL you why. Steve noticed a lil something. [at this point, Kids, if you are reading this bloggie you need to cover your eyes. NO PEEKING!!] ON the freezer door [the drawer at the bottom] there is a little flap.....you lift that flap...and you can store 2 of your beloved Tree Tavern frozen pizzas....AND no kids can see them and scavenge them out from under you. You can HIDE 2 pizzas in there, with no one the wiser! Steve, don't think for ONE MINUTE that I missed that !! But good for you Honey! There's a man cave for you, heeheehee. [ok kids you can uncover your eyes now].
I'd blog pics of the upright freezer and the dishwasher, but I feel the need to blog responsibly. Don't want anyone going out willy-nilly and buying stuff, just to hide a pizza or two. Please, Don't blog and Shop!! [There's my PSA for the day.]

7th: National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

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Friday, June 5

Aliens and little green apples

Aw, crap. I blogged the best photo I ever took, of my favorite bush at the Shack. I could NOT identify that sucker,and I have some experience with plants. So, I turned to my friends, and asked for help.The answer comes from Jacky [TYVM Jacky!] Now, I KNEW this was an indigenous plant. So why am I so surprized at what I have? [And Jacky is L her A off at me,...with good reason I guess :O)]


I have an ALIEN!! You knew, if ANYone would pop with an alien in the yard, it would have to be your Gail, and at The Shack no less. Hehehe. The joys of ownership. I will reign it in, but I am keeping it, I LOVE that sucker!

Today, Tony is applying for a job a lot closer to The Shack [cross em please, this is RIGHT up his alley] I had applied to, and got a job at, the same place. But I turned it down, it wasn't my cup of tea. Tony BELONGS there. So last night, I was telling him about my experience with the interview there. And, how, as I was pulling out of the lot, I passed the employee break area.......ALL of them were under 30. And here comes me, this graying 48 yr old in a Moutaineer with Cow seat covers.....hey, I am only cool in my own head, I don't even make the Attempt to appear cool to anyone else. I told Tony,..I had all the windows open, OutKast started playing:


and the kids who looked at me looked like they saw a martian. [ An ALIEN, if you will] My SON Tony......yes, honestly, one of MY kids...... says...you know Ma, you, in your own way, are very cool". So we do not KNOW in "WHAT WAY" I can be cool, but hot DAMN, one of my kids said that I am cool [in some way yet to be determined.] Woo-Hoo!!! And I'll believe that until the next time I look in the mirror and see myself ;o)

I read stories about family life a lot, I'm always interested in seeing how other families operate. I read an article today about "Octomom"...you know, the moron who, being on welfare and having 6 kids already, decided she HAD to have one more baby, so it's NOT her fault she wound up with 8 tiny little babies. I guess she's worse at math than I am, cause even *I* can figure out she didn't have a snowballs chance in hell of supporting even ONE more baby, let alone 8 more. I've heard some pretty moronic things out of her mouth since she hit the headlines, but NOW, in a stunning twist of irony, she is comdemning Jon and Kate [Jon and Kate plus 8, a reality show about a family with multiple births]. I had to laugh my ass off, talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
I don't watch the Jon and Kate show. I think what they do to those poor kids is bordering on abuse, NO kid needs a camera in their face like that. So I will not support the show. But Octomom. She takes the friggin cake. Here's the article, I won't bore you by repeating the salient points:



I have an opinion about her. I think she is dingbat nuts, manipulative, nasty, and stupid. SHE thinks she can do a reality show about HER kids and not hurt them anymore than she already has? I think, in lieu of having all those kids taken away from her, that court appointed guardians ought to live in the home

[I know what you're gonna say,.....Gail that will cost $$$... and you would be right. But she will be on public assistance, and you KNOW CPS will be called on her on a regular basis, so I see it more as cutting out the middle men. And if it protects the health and welfare of those kids from that nasty attention-seeking bitch, then I am all for it]

to protect those babies. I have mentioned, maybe my upbringing wasn't the best. And maybe that is why I feel SO strongly about babies and kids being protected. I may have been a bit overprotective as a parent as a result of it. It hurts my heart to see that dumbass, alone, with all those kids her hostages to fortune. Maybe if she stopped getting her frickin' lips injected long enough to take some parenting classes, those kids would have a better shot at a normal life. It strains my ability to be a good person, to always try to see the other side of an issue, to support other parents,- hell, once you're a parent, you have to look out for other parents .........when faced with such dicketry as this. And the smarter and more superior she tries to act, the worse I hate her. I think ANYone who signs her up for reality TV ought to be held responsible for the consequences of that, because as sure as God made little green apples [and Alien flowering invasive bushes] there will be consequences. And it will be the littlest ones who have to pay those consequences.

June 5th:
-Festival Of Popular Delusions Day

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Monday, June 1

A Quickie

I am packing with a vengence, I promise! But I HAD to come tell you this.

I told you, we wrote our letter to the landlord, giving her her full 30 day fricken notice that only cost us a full months rent,right? In the letter, we told her,with 24 hrs notice

[we do not want her calling our answering machine in the morning, and showing up at the door that night]

As of June 15th,we'd be happy to give her her run of the place.

Today is June 1st.

And,there was a message, when I got home today. Saying

"Gail,I have a prospective tenant,who only wants a quick walk thru to reassure himself that the place isn't falling apart"

[Bitch.Get me a friggin sledgehammer, a can of neon green spray paint, a bag of feathers and a bucket of hot tar, I'll show her falling apart]

"so can we set up a time for tomorrow? Here's my cell number."


But,we can understand the prospective tenants POV.

So I told her, next tues...a week later than she wants, and a week earlier than I want.

It's 7:30pm now, the packing is done for the night, and my truck is packed for tomorrow. I'm feeling a little better [OK,the merlot is helping, Steve is a wise wise man :o)]

One of my fiends

[OMG, that's appropriate, my Friends CAN be Fiends...and I LIKE that in a person!]

was warning me that, you start out packing with the best of intentions,but in the end you're marking ALL the boxes "Misc". Well, I've got news for her....I didn't wait til the end, I jumped the shark already. BUT....if you have a headache, and go to the Misc kitchen box to find the ibuprophen,wouldn't it ALSO help to find a cute lil candle to light,to destress yourself? And maybe the Andes Candies you are hiding from the men,and you are hoping the truck doesn't get too hot and melt those suckers on you tomorrow? Hehehe :O)

Slowly but surely.

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