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Sunday, February 21


Long time no see! We have been working in the library..painting and installing shelves. Tomorrow or tues the job will be complete almost, and I'll come blog some pics.A funny.....Tracy, that White blooming Christmas cactus you sent me? It's bud is opening right now....and the tag says white, but it decided to be pink, I'll get a pic of that too.

I signed up for the gardeners club @ Home Depot. They e-mail you gardening tips as well as coupons. This past month, I received a coupon for a buy one get one ORCHID, so you know I did that. I never owned orchids before, they are kinda pricy.

I'll be back !!

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Saturday, February 6

Loaves and Fishies

Dear Diary,
Hellooooooo! You would think, being out of work, that I'd have more time to blog, not less. Not true! I'm really enjoying this time at home, and trying not to freak about not having a job. So I try to stay busy.
In the course of staying busy, Dear Diary, I have discovered something quite odd. You know the biblical story of the loaves and fishies? Well, it appears that I have that going on right under my own nose...in the form of plastic milk jugs.
I do not drink milk, and I use half n half in my coffee. The only thing the men have to do is rinse the jugs out and recycle them.How hard can that be, for 2 huge strong strapping men?

Pretty Damn hard, let me tell you.Today I did the grocery shopping, and as I

Put Away–verb (used with object)
1. to move or place (anything) so as to get it into or out of a specific location or position: to put a book on the shelf.
2. to bring into some relation, state, etc.: to put everything in order.

[thought I'd slip the definition in there, it appears some folks might not be familiar with that phrase]

my purchases, no matter where I looked, I saw....milk jugs. On both counters in the kitchen:

On the rail leading downstairs, a FAIL if I ever saw one.... looks like someone got sidetracked on his way to the recycle bin:

In the basement,.....and I can ALMOST understand this, except you have to PASS the recycle bin to get to the dryer, so that is an EPIC fail:

And....in the library? There are no TV's, video games, puters, or phones in the library, so I can't imagine who was looking for what, but in the LIBRARY? This is just overkill:

If I am going to be gifted with something that multiplies all on it's own, why can't it be money? Or Books!! Oh MY, that would my wallet, checkbook, and Steve extremely happy!
Gentlemen, cut the crap. Git you those jugs to the bin, or you will start finding them in the most unlikely places. Steve, I'd be HAPPY to UPS you a whole box of them at work, you can explain THAT to your guys. Or, one morning you will look up in the rearview to back out of the driveway, and all you will see is a pile of jugs in your backseat. Or I can send them, one at a time, until you cry Uncle. And you KNOW I will. Tone, I can make a wicked clever "milk jug igloo" and plop that sucker down in the middle of your bedroom. Or I can spray paint a few and glue them to your car, now wouldn't THAT be festive?

I'm happy to say that we ordered the couch and coffee table for the library. A new one on us..we saw a couch called "motion"....both ends turn into recliners. The SECOND Steve tilted one back, I knew he was sold, and I was cool with that.Pretty soon I'll actually be able to go in there and READ! heehee.I stalled delivery to the 20th, to accomodate both the Super Bowl and Daytona, we can't have Steve painting during these earth shattering events.

5th: Disaster Day
6th: Lame Duck Day
7th: Charles Dickens Day
8th: Kite Flying Day

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