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Sunday, May 31

I took a photo, not a pic this time!

Yesterday, I took the best photo I ever took in my life, and wanted to blog it, before my puter explodes, or I can no longer find it on the camera OR the puter, hehehe, we know that's a distinct possibility. This might never happen again.

If you are looking to the left of the garage door..there are 3 huge plants.
One- happens to be a pink wild rose, and I am THRILLED.
Two: looks like "Poison Something", I won't touch it with my bare hands.
Oh, the third. Is what I got a photo of. I don't know what it is yet, But I adore it. I have been Googling images til the friggin' cows come home. A bush that grows to my head height, 5'5' or more. With LOTS of prickers and a 5 petal white flower that smells DIVINE. EVERYone I have shown the pic to says it looks and sounds like a flowering crabapple, but it is a bush, not a tree. This bush is indigenous to my area, you can see it growing on roadsides. But something put it by my garage door. And I will trim it, but it is staying Right there:

I actually took that photo! NOW I'm batting one for one thousand :O) And if you know what it is, you'd better fess up, I don't like to cut plants back until I know them by their first name, at the very least ;o)

Team Gail was in the livingroom, and with digital camera and 5 different cell phones, we are trying to capture the exact shade of the Shacks new paint job. And NOTHING captured it. It was wild, I'd stand there looking at the wall, raise the camera and look at the screen,and see 2 different colors, one with my eyes, one thru the screen of the camera. It is a lovely mellow happy green with a white undertone to it, not yellow.

This was was my gift to Steve for the Shack, I couldn't bloggie it before, or it'd ruin the surprize. A set of 4 english pub glasses, with "The Shack" etched on em', here is one:

Today we pulled the trigger on the appliances, they are all coming next saturday, so I'll be the road runner and make Steve stay there. I'd rather drive than deal with deliveries like that. We're getting there, a little at a time. Oh, THAT's why I mentioned that, I thought my train of thought got derailed. Speaking of moving..... We got a call from our psychotic landlord yesterday morning.Telling us she had just heard about our buying a home, she was PROUD OF US, she read our letter and WE DID AN EXCELLENT JOB WRITING IT...yes, you wench,we are both college edumacated and sometimes, when the spirit moves us, we can actually speak english. You shoulda heard Boo go off on her, pretty funny :o) So, even at the end,- where I am TRYING to shut my yap and let the water flow, baby, let it flow ,or take the high road, let the river run, or any other appropriate phrase for ignoring ignorance,

[also, one of my sisters still lives next door,and any Wrath of Gail I visit upon the landlord will eventually find it's way next door]

that bitch is still needling, needling, trying to get a rise out of one or both of us. I think the best revenge is to never say a word to her. I told Steve, from now on I will check caller id BEFORE I pick up the phone, and if it is psycho calling, I will let the machine pick up.


1st: Dare Day

2nd: National Rocky Road Day

~We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors ...but they all have to learn to live in the same box.~

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Friday, May 29

Playing "Spank the Spammer" sure beats packing!

It all started with some red ink on my timecard yesterday.
Informing me that I was getting half holiday [Memorial Day] pay, and not full day holiday pay, ostensibly because I'm a part timer. Who happens to work a full day every monday, and I am entitled to that pay. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I stood there with that friggin card in my hand, thinking, do I want to go fight about this, or do I want to look for another job? I hitched my giddy-up, and was up in my new home town yesterday afternoon. For an interview and a facility tour. And a job offer ! But, without dissing the place I interviewed at, it is NOT for me, I'll need to keep looking. Last night, I wrote the owner and supervisor at my job a letter, telling them about how pissed I was at the holiday pay situation, and the pressure to move into almost full time hours on this part-timer who WANTS to be a part timer. I told them about the job offer [not knowing they were already called for references, and DAMN if they didn't treat me right, they gave me GLowing references] and told them, this very afternoon, I had an appt at 2pm to pee in a cup, and since I haven't toked lately, I was pretty sure I'd ace that test.
[You have got to shock these guys sometimes, and yes, I did say that in the letter. I ran the letter up Steves flagpole, and he first thought I ought to remove the drug reference, then said hell, leave it there, it sounds just like you. So I did.]
I wrote down the hours I could work post-move, and told them.....if this ain't good for you, tell me now, and I will give notice on the spot, no harm, I already have another job. If you want me to stay, and work THESE hours, then I'll decline the other job. I delivered the letter this morning. A lot of nice things were said to me today, the pay problem is bring looked into,- the upshot being that I'll stay where I am. Quite the commute for a p/t job, but it will be lovely, and I won't feel so lonely up there, out of my comfort zone.
I've been kinda worried about the moving situation. I don't know if you read the comments that CERTAIN people, like one of my sons', leave on the bloggie, but at one point my older son said the packing might go a wee bit easier if I put down the cello. And he's right. And I thought a lot about that, I feel happy and at ease, my hands and my heart tell Ruby what to do and she does it. No thinking necessary, just pure comfort playing. Not so much with the packing. EVERY day at work, I get teased about the state of the packing, I think they take turns asking me, Gail, HOW much packing did you do yesterday? And you know what? I have to laugh right out loud before I reply, cause the basic answer is, not as much as I should have. I had a hissy fit......I have a small table top zen garden, you rake the sand and move the lil rocks and such around. Cool beans. Except ANOTHER certain someone [it HAD to be one of the kids] put the zen garden into the middle of a stack of piano music. I picked up the whole shebang,and dumped sand all over my [thank GOD the lid was closed] piano and bench and FLOOR...that means I gotta vacuum, and we ALL know how Gail feels about that damn vacuum.
[vacuum= de Debbil]
So it is there right now. I practiced, started dinner, and plan on practicing again, and I'll ask for a lil help with that sand tonight [PLEASE, God,don't let Steve read this bloggie before I get to him!]

Here's a pic of the side of the Shack, after I went in there with lopers to remove the trees that were planted right up against the side of the house. That is a no-no. I couldn't have done it without Boo and Tony, I got to wade right in and have at it, and they carted away the trees and raked. These are mature hostas, and the dark green one turns out to be a lemon hosta, you brush up against it and you can smell lemons. I'll mulch the area up and plant some bulbs here and there, but the bones of this planting make my heart happy. I LOVE these puppies,and it made the gardening so much fun, knowing there are MINE, and not someone elses:


To the spammer that sent me that lovely e-mail, the subject of which was "I Gained 4 Inches":

Honey,......you need to check your audience a lil better than that. Gaining 4 inches is NOT something that appeals to a woman. Plus. I am one of those nerds who HATES spammers, and I spank them on a regular basis. Especially while avoiding packing! I looked at all the other nice people who got your spam, to see if I can figure out where you got my e-mail addy from. Turns out I know EXACTLY the forum you got it from ! Informed the owner and sent along the spam, along with your IP addy and the abuse addy at your isp. Right about now, you are probably discovering you no longer have access to the geek forum you spammed, and pretty soon, I hope your isp enforces it's TOS. You are MORE than welcome! ANYthing to avoid packing :X

29th: End of the Middle Ages Day
30th: My Bucket's Got A Hole Day

~Find the key to yourself and every door in the world is open to you.~

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Wednesday, May 27

A couple days rolled into one [And it ain't wordless,so sue me]

[a note...I started this bloggie on sunday, when I made the chicken stock,and added to it, so if it looks/reads jagged, well, guess what? So is my life right now. But it is good :o)]

Remember I told you, the Shack has a brandy-new, smooth-top electric range in the kitchen? And I said, "oh, I'll get used to it, use it for a while, then hook my maytag gemini double-oven up [propane] when it is convenient"? Well, my Boo had a bad cold, and I had no chicken broth in my freezer.....this is UNHEARD of in this house, but in prep for moving, I am trying to use up what I have here = less to move. I called bullshit on that, if we have to move frozen stuff sobeit, a lady has to have stock in her freezer. [ !!! This was the last time I will make stock in this house! ]This morning, I set my badboy 16 qt stockpot on to simmer. And THEN it occurred to me,....a lot of those electric smooth top ranges have size and weight restrictions as to to what cookware you can use on the burners. I have 8 qt, 10qt, 12 qt, and 16 qt pots......and the 16 qt is NOT welcome on a smooth top, not only because it is much bigger than the diameter of even the largest burner, but evidently, when full of soup-makins', it's also too heavy. I Googled [hehehe] that, and you should see the flamewars people are having,.....gas people say you can't cook on electric, but electric users take that to mean that gas users think electric users can't cook. Omg, they are going at it hammer and tongs! People fight over some of the stupidest things! Just so this doesn't become one of those bloggies that gets me hammered in the e-mail:

Electric ranges simply are not as responsive as gas, and the limits imposed by ESPECIALLY the smooth top versions, as to size and weight of cookware,- my cast iron frying pans would destroy a smooth top, and forGET using a double burner griddle,- make them a nichter in my workhorse kitchen. I'm not saying they're from de debbil [although they might be] but it depends on how you use your kitchen what you want in there. I don't NEED the highest stir fry temps or the lowest saucier temps all the time, but I expect them on any range I am paying for.And that's not electric.]

CRAP! This was wordless Wednesday, wasn't it? Oh well. Here are some of the promised before and afters from the Shack. Steve painted the dining/livingroom area. We were a lil nervous about the paint selection, but damn if'n it ain't purdy. [and trust me, the chandelier is history :O) ] Off white is before, green is after:


-I STILL haven't found the pic I am looking for on this $%^^%$ puter. Hope springs eternal.

-I told you, the day our offer was accepted on the house, Steve got the call, on his cell, at work. I was at work. So he left a message on the home machine, knowing I walk in the house and go right to the machine. And the message he left was straight from his heart and made me cry. [oh hush.] I wanted to keep it, but couldn't figure out how to get a .wav file from the answering machine to the puter,and we had 37 messages piled up, time was getting short before the machine purged itself and I lost the message. Enter my cell phone! Hehehe, used my cell to take a "video" of the answering machine as I played Steves' message, e-mailed it from my phone to myself, and saved that to my puter. I'm all set ! I hope that helps somebody.

26th- Body Painting Arts Festival

27th- National Hamburger Day

~By doing just a little every day, I can gradually let the task completely overwhelm me~

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Wednesday, May 20

How to wear a cup !

When I started this bloggie, I thought it would be like an online diary of sorts......a place for me to say what was on my mind. It never occurred to me that people might actually read it, or even have something to say back to me. You can see that a lot more people read than comment, I think I'll have to think of a name for the group of people who appear on any regular basis, in the comment section............oooooooooooo, that 'll be a fun one to think up. But I digress.......After some comments were left on the bloggie, I installed that counter, and discovered that people read it. That counter tells you one thing...a number. It doesn't say who, or what sex, if any, or anything else. So I was very surprized to get an e-mail from a very old friend........who stumbled onto my blog when she was doing a google search. She has a teen-aged son involved in sports, and didn't want to ask her men about it. She searched for...................drum roll please.................the wearing of an athletic supporter. Only that's not the term she searched. She looked up "How to wear a cup". ABSOLUTELY no shit, go look up that phrase at google, and scroll about half way down. Go ahead, I can wait.

Of ALL the things to find, she finds a blog by someone who was house hunting,and willing to kick lying sellers in their nether-regions. And she started reading. And laughing. And reading some more, and then it hit her,she knew me! And evidently, I haven't changed too much, good to know, and she is still a sweetheart,very gratifying to know. She was sorry to hear about some things that have happened to us. Flabbergasted to see that Steve and I are still together, [it *has* been a long time] and caught me up on her family,.....we now know one of them will be wearing a cup :X I cannot stop laughing at that. How to find an old friend? You have to admit, that is unique. FTW, for me, for popping up on a cup search!! :O)
I could not be happier for her to have contacted me, Thank You Glennie :o) I saved your letter, so I can go re-read it when one of my sisters insists that I am a bitch from hell cause she can't tell lies and drama from the truth

[did *I* say that? Why,yes I did, and it is so! So there! That's what a blog is for! You know I have enough brothers and sisters so that wasn't personally identifiable, and actually, if she ever read this blog I would be shocked. But, that's a story for another day, today is happy. How's THAT for a run-on 'aside'? ]

To the Shack! We went out last night and picked the color for the living/dining area, and it is: Behr, Mother Nature 410F-4. I was GONNA say, google that and you'll see it.

[I just hafta say, after that e-mail, Google takes on a whole new light for me, and I am still laughing over that]

Only, some of my friends have already done that, and I haven't seen the shade represented correctly yet, even at Behr, so don't bother. You'll see the befores-and-afters right here. We were kinda worried last night, the shade looks too olive in low light [think quiet evening] but Steve ponied right up with "Hey, it's only 70$, if we hate it we'll repaint it" Strong, strong words coming from a man who will not let ANYONE paint in our house but him. Never did, probably never will.THAT is a kind man :O) Tonight, on to hunt us up some furniture. THIS is my kinda shopping! Poor Steve is sick....it's just a cold, nothing serious, but that doesn't mean he doesn't feel any less sick. [And no, it's not the swine flu,and he is not a swine, even though his socks on the floor tell a different tale. That's just between us. And everyone at Google, they seem to adore us]

May 2oth:-

-Eliza Doolittle Day

May 21st:

- "I need a patch for that" day

~Stress: The confusion created when ones mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the living crap out of some butthead who desperately needs it.~

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Friday, May 15

We Done Good!

The Love Shack is officially ours!
We had our closing yesterday. Our real estate agent warned us to bring comfortable pens to write with, cause we'd be signing a LOT of paperwork. Holy Shit, was she right! My friend Laura, who is a real estate attorney and a member of my heart loop, represented us, it felt very comforting to have a friend there to protect us :o)

There was a lot of joking,- here, there, and everywhere I went, about exactly how much crying I would do at closing. I will have you know, I was MOST excellent......not one tear thru all the signing.....even when Laura handed us the deed to our Love Shack! But then, Laura pulled a lil something of her purse. A card. From my heart loopies. Not only did they get us a gift card to Home Depot, they were so generous we were shocked, but........sitting there with the love of my life holding my hand on one side of me, one of my close personal friends on the other, the deed to our home in front of me,......and I'm holding a card from my heart loop, they couldn't be there in person so they were all there in spirit, they made Damn sure we knew they were cheering us on and wishing us well. I just LOST it, and I totally recommend friendship crying to relieve stress :O)

A few pics [not very good,*I* took them, but no worries,you will get sick of seeing them before I'm done!]

First blessing the Shack,.......a loaf of bread, a jug of wine........

My Mom loved Hostas, and I got my love of them from her. I was worried about getting my hostas up to the Shack. Until I saw this...it appears that someone tried to make a heart shaped rock garden by the rock wall on the rear of our property [I just said "Our Property", hehehe] and They must have loved hostas too. This wil be my heart loop garden, when I get done with it:

I can't say how
-Ecstatic we are to own our own place
-nervous we are about owning our own place
-overwhelmed at the thought of moving 27 years of life to our own place
-a'skeered about the cost of owning our own place......oh, hey, we already got a hit on the "cost" thing, how's THAT for a world record? The huge electrical cable, that leads from the wires on the corner of the house to the meter? That needs to be replaced, and the electric company says that's OUR gig, not theirs! YAY Steve and Gail, you haven't moved anything IN yet [well, almost nothing yet :X] and you're already spending ! FTW!!
-exhausted.That's the big one, just exhausted.
And I'll take all those ANY day over a

[oh, fill in the blanks. There are about 13 of them, all derogatory, and ranging from mild minced oaths to full bore cursing, which, if you remember correctly, I am Very good at]

landlord from hell.

OMG! A lil extra somethin' for you, hehehe. I'm blogging @ 3:30 Fri.afternoon. Steve went to the Shack to change out the locks on the doors and install the mailbox. He just called:

S:Honey just tell me I'm a dick.
G: WHATS WRONG ? [I could hear it in his voice]
S: Just tell me I'm a dick right now
S: I took your truck. Used MY key fob for your truck. And *I* do not HAVE the key to the Shack now, it is on the fob with the keys for MY car.

Poor guy went all the way up there for nada, I am laughing myself silly. I will be a supportive kind wife when he gets home. But I'll be laughing behind my hand. In a kind supportive way .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YAY TEAM GAIL!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

May 15th:
National Pizza Party day

~The trouble with life is, you're half way through it before you realize it's a 'do it yourself' thing.~

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Thursday, May 14

Just WOW

Today was closing day for our Love Shack.I am so overwhelmed and grateful and teary that,well,I will compose a bloggie tonight and tomorrow I'll report in. Just wanted to let you know, it's Ours. One thing I will blog,this is a pic of an original Air Raid poster from the 50's/early 60's,that hangs in the basement of the Love Shack. All the details tomorrow.Tonight,it's me and my honey :O)

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Sunday, May 10

The Wrath of Boo

I may have mentioned, I have a lot of books? And there has been some discussion around here, about how EXACTLY the books will migrate from here to the Love Shack. This IM with Boo took place after Steve tried to get ME to pop for bins needed for the migration. Little did he know that I would visit the Wrath of Boo upon him.
Fishiewoo [8:23 P.M.]: Dad just gave me a shifty look and said NO!!!

E********* is away at 8:23 P.M.

E********* [8:23 P.M.]: oh did he???

Fishiewoo [8:23 P.M.]: oh yup he DID!

E********* [8:24 P.M.]: well what about all those cardboard boxes on the porch?

Fishiewoo [8:24 P.M.]: I need heavy duty stuff for the books and all my music! And there he sits,on my blog,telling me *I* gotta get em!

E********* [8:24 P.M.]: ok well heres what you do

E********* [8:25 P.M.]: use the brining bin for the music

[an aside....I have a huge rubbermaid bin,food grade,that I use to brine turkeys before I roast them.Think 60 qt size.That's what Boo is referring to here.]

E********* [8:25 P.M.]: and don't brine another turkey till he replaces it

Fishiewoo [8:25 P.M.]: but no turkeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

E********* [8:25 P.M.]: sigh

Fishiewoo [8:25 P.M.]: yup.

E********* [8:25 P.M.]: seriously a few small cardboard boxes will hold it

E********* [8:25 P.M.]: if you make the box too heavy you won't be able to lift it

Fishiewoo [8:26 P.M.]: hehehe,maybe some of the music :o) He's gone off the rails over the books :O) Doesn't know whether to laugh or get mad, so he's pretending to be mad......and not doing a very good job of it

E********* [8:26 P.M.]: oh man the paperbacks can go in cardboard boxes no problem

E********* [8:26 P.M.]: what is his problem about the books?

Fishiewoo [8:26 P.M.]: the amount of them :o)

E********* [8:26 P.M.]: why is he surprised by that???

E********* [8:27 P.M.]: its not like you got all the books yesterday!

Fishiewoo [8:27 P.M.]: That's Dad :O)

E********* [8:27 P.M.]: sigh

Fishiewoo [8:27 P.M.]: oooooooooh,I gotta go blog THAT,why is he surprized ? FTW!

E********* [8:27 P.M.]: seriously

E********* [8:27 P.M.]: you were a speed reader before you even married him

At this point Boo called her Dad, to see if he got hit in the head, otherwise,WHY is he so surprized over the books?


Hello, Amanda?
Hi Honey,how are you?
*I* have a problem?
"No, I don't need to sort it out ."

[at this point she made some type of verbal threat,either involving a smack to his head, or the theft/disappearance of his M&M dispenser]

"Oh is that right? Oooooooooooooooo! No! OK! NO Problem!
When I heard the "OOOOOOOOOOOOO" I knew it was all over. Boo to the rescue! I got all the bins I need and the promise of more :o) I can't tell you how funny this is, to just threaten him with The Boo whenever necessary :O)

I got a great surprize yesterday. Boo had told me weeks ago that she couldn't come down on Mothers Day [from time to time this happens to holidays with the kids, so we reschedule them.......that means I get 2! One on the day,and one later.Well, the surprize was, the second Moms day came before the first....Boo and Stevie showed up Sat. morn.,-Tony never said that they were coming, so I thought something was wrong. Nope! They were here for a pre-Moms day party.

Every Moms day, the kids give me something living. This year, since we don't know what is in the yard at the Love Shack, they didn't know what type of plant to get. So the kids got me an indoor Rose.....something I canNOT grow in this house, I do not have the right conditions for it....and it has ivy planted around it,.....the OTHER plant I cannot grow in this house. They both will thrive in the sun room @ the Love Shack. Cool cool beans,we are taking it with us wed. night,when we go for the final walk thru at the Love Shack,and leaving it there, to welcome us home on thurs :o)

Also, they got me my favorite show of all time ...All in the Family......on DVD. So we had a great lunch and watched the first 2 episodes. I can't believe I was 10 when that show first aired. I remember it was like a bomb went off, my brothers were dying of laughter, Dad had his smile hidden behind his hand, and my Mom was screeching "she [Edith] said WHAT!!!!!" Even my heathens were shocked by some of the dialogue. Like most kids their ages, they are conversant with South Park and Beavis and Butthead, so you'd think they'd be pretty blase about it. Also, I had to explain why you needed to jiggle the door on a public mail recepticle,they never used one and had no idea.

I hope all you Moms had a Happy Happy Mothers Day :o)

10th: Clean Up Your Room Day
11th: Twilight Zone Day

~You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can never fool Mom.~

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Friday, May 8

Can't a gal cry Happy Tears without getting laughed at?

We insured the new house today, and our insurnace agent faxed the policy to the mortgage broker and to Steve at work. There was some drama, evidently they forgot to put my name on the policy the first time.When Steve called them, they reviewed it and discovered they missed an important rider,

[ok,it was the sewer rider.....we have municipal sewer there,and we needed a rider in case it backed up.So, according to State Farm, Gail =Sewer :X]

so it was all good. He just brought the policy home. What an unexpected THRILL to see our names,with our new address, you know what I'm doing, yup, boohoo again :O)

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Thursday, May 7

First Blood

I would like a word with the owner of a Subaru Forester or Impreza, with a build date of 99-00.[they have the same wire lineage, so I don't know exactly what you drive]
You ordered a set of high test ignition wires for your car, and I was asked to make them for you. Thanks! My pleasure. But, there was a little problem....one of the crimps on your 12 inch lead bit me while I was booting it. And I bled quite a bit. So, your wires already have First Blood on them. If your car suddenly develops little eccentricities, like.......oh, it gets wrinkles, or streaks of gray on it's roof, wants a strawberry shake, hates refrigerators and teriyaki sauce with a vengence, or idles like a pirate, you have my apologies. Oh, and you might need to switch out your car stereo, because the one you have now will only be able to play at one volume..........LOUD.

The Closing! [did *I* say that out loud? Why Yes, Yes I did!] is being scheduled, for next week! We got calls from our R.E agent, as well as 2 of the brokers from our credit union, to congratulate us on our "Cleared for closing" status. I am not getting my hopes up until we have the keys in our hands. But......we are going over to the Love Shack this weekend to mow the lawn, no need to piss the neighbors off before we even move in.

Something to share with you...although the link is g-rated,I wouldn't navigate this website with little ones around...........or anywhere near bedtime:

A reader here was looking thru my Places I like to visit, noted that I have a few photo places listed, and thought I might be interested in this site. It's REALLY disturbing to me. I am not a shrinking violet, but some of the links I couldn't even click on, let alone view. Let your stomach be your guide. :X

7th: International Tuba Day
8th: No Socks Day

~Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can. All of them make me laugh. -W.H. Auden

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Saturday, May 2

500 books to port, yarghhhhhhhh......

I think I might have invented a new form of moving...."imagi-moving"..........where you look at, say, a stack of books, imagine what type of container you could possibly move them in, and then move on, with no actual packing taking place. You know, I get teased all the TIME about the sheer number of books I have, but I never REALLY saw it before. I don't look at a shelf or stack of books, I see the individual books. Today, baby, I saw the sheer unmitigated number of books I own. And I didn't even look at the ones I hid under the bed or in the basement. Oh boy, am I BAAAAAD. I suppose now is not the time to let Steve see the ol' checkbook, he might see that order from BOMC and wonder what the hell I was thinking. And so would I, hehehe. I don't have a clue how to move my plants. I do know that Ruby and my Kitchen Frugality angel will be the last two things I take out of here. We're going to have to pay rent for the month of June, as we couldn't give notice without a closing date, as the seller is not motivated and couldn't give a shit less, and our credit union isn't much better. Both parties were aware that this would cost us. Very nice. So...although it's costing us gobs of money, packing can go much slower than anticipated, especially when you have a whole additional month to do it. Kinda cool, the decision was taken out of my hands, and makes it less stressful [if moving a household is ever anything BUT] Also, I practiced so much I have to recharge both shuffles, and for some reason half the music is missing from the nano, so I'd better find out why. There's a FEW good reasons not to pack!

Also, I've been stuck in de debbil that is facebook. First, because of this pirate thing, it strikes me funnybone so much I can't tell you. So I look around my own facebook, at "me mateys" and lol. I go poke Steve at facebook, and see how long it takes him to poke me back, neither one of us is very good at remembering go in and check these things. I look at my kids, they are funny and interesting in their own rights. Then I go look at a certain niece whos' ass I will kick when I see her :O) There is a woman there I went to h.s. with. I remember her very fondly, but I don't know if she remembers me or not, ...even for all that facebook is public, it's private too, YKWIM? So I don't want to intrude. But I see her there and wish her well.

Oh, and here, a lil old but very useful...[I'd even rather clean my puter than box books :X]......... a 'freebies for your puter' link:


May 3rd:
-Lumpy Rug Day

~A comfortable falsehood will always win out over an uncomfortable truth.~

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